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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2163

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2163

Jim curled his lips into a bitter smile as he sat in the car, watching Bonnie and Harvey leave.

Even though Harvey ran over and claimed he needed help from Mommy and Daddy, he had only talked to Bonnie from start to finish, without even giving Jim so much as a glance.

Jim thought that under such circumstances, he should not even be helping Harvey if he did not ask for it, but…

He let out a sigh.

Even if Harvey did not come to him for help, how could he ignore his son?

Besides, June was Christopher’s daughter, and they had brought the two children home together from Banyan City

Even though she was not related to him, she was still Harvey’s best friend, and thus, Jim knew he had an obligation to help find her.

As soon as he thought of this, Jim rubbed his brows in frustration, picked up his phone, and dialed his assistant’s number. “Assistant Coleman, help me track down the whereabouts of a doctor named Laura Suess.”

Then, after giving his assistant the instructions to do this, Jim let out a sigh, contemplated for a moment, then finally stepped into Tea Cottage. .

At this moment, Bonnie and Harvey were watching the surveillance tapes in the living room with the bodyguards flanking them.

According to the surveillance footage, Laura had brought a suitcase with her when she arrived at Tea Cottage that morning.

At that time, the men standing guard at the door did not suspect her at all, and all they did was ask her what was in the suitcase.

“These are the necessary equipment I brought to give June a thorough examination,” Laura explained, smiling as she hid the suitcase behind her to stop the guards from checking it. “She’s been sick for a few days now, and I was worried that she might have pneumonia, so I brought some of my advanced equipment to check, but this equipment is very expensive, and so I don’t dare to open this suitcase for you guys to look through them…”

The guards did not think twice about her answer and instead let her into the house.

After entering the house, she spent almost two hours in June’s room before finally coming out, FTLITE 2 when she left…

According to the image on the screen, the suitcase seemed considerably heavier when she left than when she arrived, so much so that bringing the suitcase back into her car rendered her breathless and panting.

“She must’ve kidnapped June!” Harvey shouted, pointing at the screen. Then, he snarled through

gritted teeth, “There probably wasn’t even anything in the suitcase at all! She must’ve put June in there!”

As soon as he thought of this, the color drained from Harvey’s face. “But the suitcase doesn’t seem to have any holes for air to pass through. Will June be alright? June…”

He bit his lip as tears slid down his cheeks once more. He turned around and fell right into Bonnie’s arms. “Will June be okay, Mommy?”

Bonnie stared at the surveillance footage, frowning. “I hope so…”

“She’ll be fine,” Jim, who had been watching them in silence from aside, piped up suddenly.” Whoever planned this kidnapping had spent considerable effort to get their hands on such a large suitcase and send Laura undercover to take June, and so, they probably won’t hurt her. After all…”

He narrowed his eyes. “If they had wanted her dead, they wouldn’t have spent so much time and effort taking her away since a dead body is of no use to them.”

Harvey bit his lip nervously. “Even though your words are meant to reassure me and make me feel better about June’s safety, … It still isn’t good to say it in that way; Mr. Jim.”

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