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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2130

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2130

117’m fine. “Bonnie slumped against Sean and said weakly, “I just need to rest for a while. You should take care of Nikki…” With that, she propped herself up, trying to stand. However, she had overestimated her strength.

Not only did she fail to get up, but because of the gravity, her body quivered and slumped back into Sean’s arms.

Sean managed to grab hold of her once more. “Stop trying to push yourself. You were unconscious when I brought you to the hospital just now, so I know how your condition is now!”

Then, he let out a sigh of regret and added, “I shouldn’t have let you come in to see her!”

A surge of emotions spread through Nikki’s heart at the sound of Sean’s concerned voice. She bit her lip, staring at Sean as he carried Bonnie to the door, and suddenly felt as though an invisible hand was squeezing her heart.

Just as Sean was about to reach the door, Nikki chased after him and grabbed his arm. “Sean! Why do you only care about Bonnie? What about me? I’m your sister, and I….I was just-”

Sean sneered without even turning around to look at her. “Nikki, I had indeed pitied and worried about you before this, but…” He closed his eyes. “I heard what you said to Bonnie just now.” Nikki’s entire body froze when she heard this. She could feel the blood rush to her head. “Sean, you,”

“Don’t.” Sean paused in his steps and let out a bitter chuckle. “Nikki, I had always thought that even though we’re not blood-related, our relationship is as strong as true siblings. Your disease…

“I’ve known since the start that you’ve been faking your terminal illness. All you had was just a chronic disease that required medication to maintain it, and you’re not dying at all.

“I know everything, but I kept pretending as though I didn’t because I thought there must be a reason you kept putting up this show. If lying to everyone would allow you to receive even more love and care, why would I ruin it for you?” Nikki’s entire body was frozen as though she had been struck by lightning. She could feel all the joints in her body stiffen, unable to move. She bit her lip and stared at Sean’s retreating figure. “But…didn’t you save up hundreds of thousands of dollars for me…” “I have indeed been saving up money for you, but it’s not for your medical treatment.” Sean let out a bitter chuckle. “You’re grown up now, Nikki, and one day, you’re going to get married. “Even though we’ve always lived in poverty, I can’t allow you to get married without any money for your wedding. Otherwise, your husband’s family might look down on you for being poor, so..

Sean paused in his tracks before continuing, “I saved up this money for your wedding, not to pay for your medical treatment.” He never thought that…he had been living paycheck to paycheck just to ensure Nikki’s wellbeing in the future, but in reality, she had been after him all this while.

As soon as he thought of this, Sean sighed and added, “Nikki, I will still give this money to you when you get married in the future, but…from today onward, I want you to give up those crazy ideas of yours. I’m your brother, and nothing else.” Then, he flung Nikki’s arm away and strode out of the room. Nikki remained motionless, clenching her fists as she watched him leave. She thought that after what happened that day, Sean would surely be overwhelmed by his guilt and regret and would swear to take care of her for the rest of their lives, but never did she expect…

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