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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2128

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2128

The entire room fell silent. The nurse and doctor, who were poised outside the curtains, waiting to help, exchanged nervous glances. Even though they did not know the full story of what happened between this patient named Nikki and this woman named Bonnie, they could piece together some clues from their conversation. It was probably because Bonnie had gotten into trouble and called Nikki’s brother for help, which brought him out of their house and ultimately led to her incident. Even though they pitiéd Nikki for this tragedy, it was…unreasonable of her to force Bonnie to kneel and beg for her forgiveness.

After all, Bonnie was not the one who had assaulted her.

Besides, she had no relation to the man who had done this to Nikki, either.

Bonnie was neither an accomplice nor the mastermind, and she had just asked Nikki’s brother for help when she was caught in trouble.

The nurse sighed and said in a low voice, “I guess we still have to ask Nikki’s brother to come in… Judging from Bonnie’s clothing and looks, she’s not an ordinary folk…so how can we expect her to kneel to Nikki for forgiveness?” The doctor nodded in agreement, then replied in a tone that was only audible to the two of them, “You’d better get out there and find Sean. I’m worried that these two will get into a fight.”

The nurse nodded and left the room.

“What’s wrong? Don’t want to do that?” Nikki sneered, seeing that Bonnie did not respond.” How can you say you’re sorry for what happened to me when you’re unwilling to beg for my forgiveness? You’re just a two-faced, manipulative woman, Bonnie Craig! You…”

Before Nikki could even finish her sentence, Bonnie sighed, gently lifted the hem of her skirt, and got to her knees slowly. “I’m sorry, Ms. Wheeler.” Then, she lifted her pale face to smile at Nikki, who was utterly shocked by this. “I’ve done as you asked, so you should probably stick to your word and put on your clothes now.” Then, she gave Nikki a once-over and added, “You shouldn’t be talking to me naked, you know, especially since your body isn’t that great anyway. “I’m not used to talking with naked women, especially those whose figures aren’t even as good as mine.” “You…!” Nikki’s face turned scarlet in anger. Finally, she shot Bonnie a murderous glare but picked up her clothes anyway. As she put on her shirt, she glared once more at Bonnie, who was still kneeling on the ground, and said, “My guesses were right; you were trying to steal my brother after all!

“When you called my brother for help, you made it sound as if you were in a dire situation, as though you’d die at any minute, but it turns out not only were you well enough to come to see me, but you could kneel, too. “You don’t even look that sick, Bonnie. Even if you wanted to lie, you could at least have put in a little more effort!”

Bonnie could not help smirking when she heard this. Then, she glanced at Nikki and replied, “. Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

Truth be told, the reason Bonnie had so willingly kneeled for Nikki without even putting up a fight was that she had no energy to argue with Nikki anymore.

At this moment, kneeling was far less exhausting than physically forcing Nikki to put on her clothes.

Besides, kneeling for her would make Nikki feel that she had won this battle and speed up the otherwise long, excruciating process of convincing Nikki to relent.

Because of this, Bonnie would rather choose the easier, albeit more undignified, way out. “What the hell do you mean by that?”

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