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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2124

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2124

Sean immediately frowned upon hearing this.

Bonnie paused and turned to glance at Sean, then at Luna. She had something to say, but for the sake of Nikki’s dignity, she did not dare to say it out loud.

Nikki, who was stark naked after having undergone multiple checkups, had refused to let Luna or the hospital staff near her and insisted on allowing only Sean to care for her.

This meant that she insisted on letting Sean witness her naked body. Bonnie knew fully well that Nikki was in a vulnerable state after what she had experienced, but …this request of hers was highly unreasonable.

With this thought, Bonnie turned to glance at Sean once more.

Sean was sitting on a chair, his lips pursed into a thin line as though he was contemplating whether to give in and help Nikki.

“I know this puts you in a very difficult position, and I tried to help you.” Luna sighed when she saw how uncomfortable Sean looked, then added, “I’ve already tried to explain it to her, but she refused to listen.”

Then, she extended her arm out, displaying her injured hand to Sean. “This was what she did to me when I tried to help her just now.”

Bonnie and Sean walked over to her and glanced at her hand.

There were three red fingernail marks on the back of Luna’s pale, rosy hand. Sean pursed his lips in disapproval. “She shouldn’t have done that.”

Even though Nikki had not been in a good mental state when he brought her to the hospital, she had not been so distraught as to physically lash out at other people, but…

Not only had she made a clearly unreasonable request, but she even injured Luna, who had so kindly volunteered to help her.

Nikki constantly kept up with the news, and she had even told Sean about the various happenings between the Landry and Lynch families before. Therefore, there was no way she would not recognize Luna nor be unaware of her identity. How dare she even hurt Luna like this?

After all, Luna was the heiress of the Landry family, and they could not afford to offend them.

Not only that, but Luna was also Joshua’s fiancee. After spending the past couple of days working for Joshua, Sean knew exactly how much he treasured and cherished Luna beyond measure.

What would Joshua do if he found out that Nikki had hurt Luna like this?

Luna let out a sigh and waved her hands in dismissal as though she could sense Sean’s concern. “You don’t have to worry about my family or husband getting angry at Nikki over this It’s just a scratch, and I’m not that frail after that, but…”

She gave him a weak smile. “I don’t know how else to help you out of this situation.” Sean fell silent for a moment, then sighed. “I guess…I should go in, then.”

Then, just as he was about to step into the ward, a nurse stormed out, panting, and said, “Ms. Luna, the patient named Nikki has just said that she doesn’t need only her brother to take care of her.

“She said she’ll also accept it if someone named Bonnie Craig were to take care of her, too.”

Then, the nurse lifted her head to stare at Luna. “Can you help us get in touch with this woman named Bonnie? It’d be great if she’s willing to do this.

“Even us as medical professionals think it’s inappropriate for a brother to help out his sister when she’s naked.”

Bonnie narrowed her eyes upon hearing this.

She forced herself to stand up and said, “I’m Bonnie Craig.”

She smiled at the nurse. “Can you take me inside?”

“No, I won’t allow this.” Bonnie had just taken two steps when Sean sprinted forward to grab hold of her. “How can you take care of Nikki when you literally almost died not long ago?”

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