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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2115

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 2115

Sean forced himself to stay calm and dialed the number once more. Again, no answer.

Every single note of the dial tone felt like a splash of kerosene in Sean’s burning heart.

Could…something have happened to Nikki?

Sean called the same number over and over.

After a long internal battle, he finally let out an exhale and stood up.

With Bonnie wheeled into the operation room, the doctors would still save her even if he was not around, but Nikki…

Sean could not stop worrying about her now that he had no news about her.

What if he had been wrong? What if Nikki had been telling the truth? What if the man had not managed to bring her to the hospital in time…

Sean could feel his skin crawl at these thoughts.

Finally, he gave in to his worry and stood up, intending to return home and find Nikki. “Hey, where do you think you’re going?” Sean had taken just a few steps when the doctor who reprimanded him earlier emerged from the operation room.

When he saw Sean leaving, he furrowed his brows and chased after him. “How dare you run away when your girlfriend is in danger? Guards! Get him!

“This man is not allowed to leave before the patient’s condition is stabled. He’s a suspect!”

Then, he turned and disappeared back into the room.

The two guards that had been summoned over did not restrain him, but they stared at him with such a menacing look that made Sean uneasy.

He furrowed his brows, unsure of how to explain to them that he was not Bonnie’s boyfriend.

He knew that he should not leave just like this, but Nikki…

Sean closed his eyes and continued to dial the number again and again.

No answer.

Still no answer.

Finally, he gave in to the gnawing guilt in his heart and turned to leave.

However, at this moment, the doors to the operation room swung open, and Bonnie was wheeled out.

She had been unconscious when she entered, but at this moment, she emerged from the operation room, wide awake. Even though she still looked frail, at least she was conscious.

The doctor kept going on about instructions to look after Bonnie, and Sean listened to them patiently. Finally, after the doctor was done, Sean wheeled Bonnie into the ward.

Thank you. Sean,” Bonnie thanked him weakly as she leaned against the headboard, her face still pale. “If it weren’t for you…” If Sean had not arrived in time, she would have ended up a corpse in the back of Jim’s car. Sean scratched his head awkwardly and could not help feeling a little happy. “Don’t thank me.. It was nothing.” Then, he glanced at Bonnie and said, “But there’s something wrong with my sister, and I really want to…” Bonnie immediately understood what he was saying. “Go on. I’m sorry this took up so much of your time.”

Sean pursed his lips and replied, “Alright, I’ll be off now.”

Then, he turned and strode out of the room. Before he could even leave the room, his phone finally rang.

It was a call from Nikki. He picked up the call and said anxiously, “Nikki?”. “Sean…” Nikki burst into tears as soon as she heard Sean’s voice. “I don’t want to live anymore

– I…I was raped…”

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