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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1799

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1799

Luna furrowed her brows at Bonnie’s words. “Huh…strange.” Bonnie placed the food that she bought into the fridge while sighing. “Say, what do you think Jim is doing?” He told her the day before that he wanted her to take Shelly to Merchant City. He even said that Harvey wanted him to marry her so she would become his wife. She had not even gone to Merchant City nor agreed to become his wife, yet he had already blocked her? Was he pissed because the night before he sent her a message, she did not reply because she fell asleep?

In Bonnie’s mind, Jim was not such a petty man. Looking at Bonnie, Luna pursed her lips. She knew that Jim was acting rather strangely that day, but she could not pinpoint the reason. She could only smile and reply to Bonnie, “Maybe he’s just throwing a fit because he’s in a bad mood. The Landry Group issue seems to be getting to him.” Regardless, Luna knew how important Bonnie was to Jim. Otherwise, Jim would not have excitedly asked Luna to join him for lunch the day before and announced to her that he wanted to be together with Bonnie and his decision to propose to her. Jim could not hide his feelings for Bonnie. As for blocking her…maybe he was angry at her. It was the same thing as how he fired his driver and assistant. It was due to his emotions. Bonnie expected Luna’s answer. She pursed her lips and came out from the kitchen. She sat on the sofa in a comfortable position. “For the last six months. I’ve tried to change my temper for him. Now, it’s his turn to b e emotional.” Bonnie picked an apple up and took a huge bite. “When I’m in Merchant City, I’ll have to talk to him about this. If he throws a fit at me, surely won’t agree to marry him. I won’t give in to an unpredictable man.” Luna smiled, not daring to say more about Jim. She casually changed the topic and mentioned Anne. Upon mentioning Anne, Bonnie instantly had lots to talk about.

“Anne’s little chubby boy looks just like her! He’ll be a handsome man when he grows up! John said that he wants to arrange a marriage with my Shelly. He also said that h. e was going to name the kid Willie. Willie and Shelly; sounds like a match made in heaven. “I didn’t agree to it. After all, if I were to live with Jim in the future, I’d most definitely b e in Merchant City. Anne and John would still be in Banyan City.

“I don’t want my daughter to have a long-distance relationship from a young age!” Luna laughed tears of joy. “You truly do take Shelly as your daughter. She’s so young, yet you’re already worrying about her having a long-distance relationship?” Bonnie pouted and nodded. “Of course. Although Shelly isn’t my biological daughter, I’ve taken care of her for more than a month. I have long treated her as my own.” Then, Bonnie looked at the screensaver on the TV. It was as if her gaze penetrated through the walls, looking into the distance. “I can’t seem to find my child. My assistant and driver said that the child might not be on this earth anymore. After all, the child left me when he was barely a month old. It’s been six years already, and I’ve been looking for him for almost a year.” Bonnie closed her eyes. Her usually spirited voice sounded depressed as she added,”

For the past year, not only have I searched through all the wealthy people in Merchant City, but I’ve also looked through the ordinary people, even in the surrounding cities of Merchant City. Even in Banyan City where I live. I’ve looked everywhere, including the most suspicious families. No matter how I look, I can’t find my child. “Perhaps God took a pity on me, seeing how much I wanted to look for my child, so H e got Jim to send Shelly to me.” Then, Bonnie let out a long breath. She opened her eyes and smiled at Luna. “That’s why I’ve stopped caring who this child’s mother is. I don’t even want to know why Jim would get other women pregnant with his child.”

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