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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1796

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1796

“Even if you don’t care about it, as long as you’re the head of the Lynch family, you can’t just let this go. You’ll be letting everyone down if you do.” Joshua squinted at this. He calmly turned around and looked at Adrian, his gaze ice cold. “You shouldn’t worry yourself with these things; they’re none of your business. The thing that I do is to clear Granny’s name so that she may rest in peace.” Then, Joshua left. Adrian furrowed his brows. Seeing Joshua leaving, he immediately chased after him. “Joshua, give me some money! Your Aunt Celia is injured because of me. I can’t afford her medical bills…!”

Luna was rather distracted when she came out from the graveyard. She was in the car, looking out of the window at the scenery with mixed emotions. It turned out that for quite a while, other than constantly attacking the Landrys and the Quinns, Joshua had been helping investigate Heather’s death as well as Colin’s accident back then. Luna closed her eyes. Joshua’s words while hugging her from behind a moment ago appeared on her mind. “I don’t want to resign to fate. I don’t want to give up.” Luna bit her lip and tears silently fell from her eyes. She thought that Joshua was only just saying those out of anger. She never thought that he would really investigate it. He was searching for a way to make their relationship a possibility. What about her? She had been constantly immersed in her loathing against him. She only wanted to revive the Landry Group and surpass the Lynch Group, yet she never thought of trying to investigate into the past, to resolve the resentment and grudge back then. If Colin’s death had nothing much to do with Granny Lynch, then the feud between the Lynchs and the Landrys was all the Landrys’ fault. What should she do? Luna suddenly opened her eyes. She suddenly recalled Samuel Quinn’s ambiguous words when he gave her the ring. Luna bit her lip. She suddenly remembered that when she was at the Quinns back then, one of the servants had inadvertently said that Samuel’s first love was tortured t o death by Granny Quinn. Was Lucy not Samuel’s first love? At that thought, Luna shivered. If Lucy’s death truly had something to do with the Quinns, did that mean that the feud between the Landrys and the Lynchs would be resolved? This realization made Luna’s heart beat harder.

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that Lucy’s death might havet o do with someone else, he would definitely help her out. However, Luna did not expect that the person who picked up the call was a woman. “Hello?”

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