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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1793

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1793

Luna was taken aback by Joshua’s question. She bit her lip, not knowing how to answer. He… It was he who prioritized the family feud over his relationship. If he did not ignore her, shut her out, or constantly break her heart into pieces, she would not have chosen to return to the Landrys. All that, and Joshua dared to turn and asked her whether the feud was more important than him. If it was back then, Luna would tell him that he was more important without any hesitation, but…they have already broken up for a very long time. They were on opposing sides already, and the Landrys would not easily forgive Colin’s death. The Lynchs, on the other hand, would not look past the death of Lucy and Granny Lynch. It was meaningless to dwell on whether he was more important or the feud. Luna sighed and said, “It’s not important anymore.” Joshua’s hand which was fidgeting with the bouquet paused a little. He smiled mockingly, bitterly so. “It’s not important, you say?” Sensing his emotions, Luna stopped talking, in case she provoked him further. She walked over to Granny Lynch’s tombstone and placed the bouquet before the tombstone. “If you’re not important, why would I fight so hard to protect our fourth child?” “If the feud wasn’t important, I would’ve long followed you back.” Luna looked at the black-and-white photo of Granny Lynch and added, “There are things where we can’t change, so I have decided to resign to fate.” They were fated to be on two parallel lines. She long knew about this fact. Their relationship from the beginning was just her trying to force it to happen. She knew that he did not like her, yet she still married him and bore his children. She knew that when she returned, she should not be involved with him, yet she still ended up entangled in his life. That was how they ended up that way, with karma and retribution. Joshua stood on the same spot, looking at Luna’s thin figure with darkened eyes. After a while, he walked over and hugged her slim figure from behind tightly. “I don’t want to resign to fate.” Luna was caught off guard by the sudden hug. The familiar warmth and scent made her heart flutter, but she still fought with all her might. “Joshua, let go of me!” Joshua hugged her tightly in his arms.

“I don’t want to let you go.” His deep voice sounded rather meek, “Luna, I don’t want to let go of you.” Although Celia’s words a moment ago were harsh, they were the truth. For the past year, he had countless opportunities to destroy and bankrupt the Landrys. He was only afraid that she would be upset. He was even more afraid that she would hate him, so he had been hesitating, not daring to act. He truly missed her. He did not want to give up their relationship, which came by with such difficulty. Seven years ago, when Luna was in the accident, he had secretly sworn that he would not remarry again for her. A year ago, she finally returned to him. Even if there was a huge feud between them, he did not want to let her go-not a single bit. Hearing such lowly words coming from a usually arrogant and aloof man, Luna was heartbroken as if something was squeezing her heart tightly. She bit her lip and gently grabbed onto Joshua’s hands, which were around her waist. She pried his hand off, finger by finger. “Mr. Lynch, I know that I owe you three times in bed, but you don’t need to do it in front of your grandmother’s tombstone, right?” Joshua’s eyes instantly darkened by what Luna said.

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