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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1789

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1789

Lucas noticed how Joshua was looking at Luna and had secretly reversed the car back to the original spot.

He then softly coaxed, “Sir, why don‘t…you go in? You haven‘t seen the children in more than a month, too.”

Joshua furrowed his brows a little. He looked at the message on his phone once again before h e got out of the car.

Leaning against the car, Joshua took his phone out and called Luna while looking at her on the balcony.

Luna picked the call up.

“I thought you‘d think I‘d be a party–pooper.”

Luna furrowed her brows. She swept a glance at the kids who were looking at her with their huge eyes in the distance. She sighed a little and said, “They miss you, too.”

If they did not want Joshua to join them for a meal, Nigel would not have secretly told Luna to head to the balcony to see Joshua‘s car. Nellie and Neil would not have sneaked a peek at her with hopeful expressions.

Luna and Joshua‘s relationship was in a rather awkward stage at that moment, so they should meet less frequently

However, Joshua was still the children‘s father. Also, he had just helped Luna send Anne, who was in labor, safely to the hospital.

It was more than alright for him to have a meal with them.

Joshua smiled and replied gently, “Okay.”

Soon, Joshua knocked on the door of the mansion. It was Bonnie who opened the door.

The moment Bonnie saw him, she rolled her eyes at him. However, she also knew that without Luna‘s permission, Joshua would not appear there. Thus, Bonnie said nothing, treating Joshua like he was invisible, and continued doing her things.

Nellie, on the other hand, was elated. She grabbed Joshua‘s large hands and brought him to see Shelly while recounting the interesting things that happened at their kindergarten.

“A strange lady came to our kindergarten previously. She likes to collect our hair. She said that she liked my shiny and black hair the best, so I gave her a lot of my hair. She even gave me many cute small gifts! But, she suddenly resigned and left a few days ago, and I could no longer exchange my hair for small gifts…”

Listening to Nellie ramble, Joshua smiled. He hugged Nellie in his arms and told her seriously,

“You can come to me if you want small gifts. Even if it‘s just hair, you cannot give them to strangers, do you hear me?”

Nellie pursed her lips and nodded her head ambiguously.

Still confused, however, she asked, “Daddy, what‘ll happen if you give your hair to others?”

“What‘ll happen is the hair that you gave away will come back haunting you as a ghost, scaring you in your dreams!” Harvey adjusted the glasses on his nose and chimed in.

Nellie‘s eyes widened and she was immediately frightened by her cousin. She wailed, “You‘re annoying!”

June, on the other side, sighed and grabbed Nellie‘s hand. She comforted Nellie, “Don‘t listent o him. He has just been reading too many horror stories.”

Luna, who witnessed this scene, could not help but smile. She looked at Nellie and wanted to say something when her eyes met with Joshua‘s deep, dark eyes. His gaze made Luna‘s smile plaster on her face before completely vanishing.

She lowered her head and swallowed the words that she wanted to say.

Soon, it was lunch. Everyone was in a great mood, but because Bonnie had some prejudice against Joshua, she put Shelly in Christopher‘s care after her meal, came up with the excuse of visiting Anne, and left.

Christopher was very dedicated, too. Even if Shelly was asleep, he still brought June to the nursery to keep watch.

Soon, it was only Luna, Joshua, and their three children left by the dining table. A welcome party suddenly became a private lunch for the family of five.

After lunch, Nigel, Neil, and Nellie followed Harvey upstairs to take a nap.

Joshua also got up and left.

When he was by the entrance, he stopped in his tracks, turned around, and looked at Luna. “Are you not going to send me off?”

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