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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1787

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1787

Luna furrowed her brows and subconsciously looked ahead.

Standing by the entrance of Bonnie’s house were Nigel, Neil, and Nellie, as well as Harvey and


The five little children stood there, waving at Luna non-stop

Harvey and Neil were at both ends, each holding one side of a huge red banner with yellow words. Their expressions were a mix of happiness and reluctance from being forced to hold the banner

The banner wrote, (We welcome our goddess, Ms. Luna!)

Nigel had his hands in his pockets, standing next to Neil gracefully. Nellie and June had a huge bouquet in their arms.

The scene in front of Luna instantly wiped out her gloom. Her eyes involuntarily turned sore. She sniffled her nose and forced her tears to not fall.

She must not cry at that moment. Try as she might, however, it was truly a tear-jerking worthy moment.

Nigel, Neil, and Nellie had been with her ever since birth, yet she had not been with them for almost a year.

Although they were only seven years old, Luna felt that they had grown in height and maturity.

Sensing Luna’s emotions, Christopher chuckled gently. “If you want to cry, just cry. They’re your children. It’s not embarrassing.”

Luna sniffled. She reached out and pressed her eyes, not saying anything.

Soon, the taxi stopped in front of Bonnie’s house. Luna opened the door and got out.

“Mommy!” Nellie was the first one to rush to Luna. She passed the bouquet to Luna and excitedly hugged Luna’s leg.

“Mommy, I really, really, really missed you!”

Luna was on the verge of crying. She could barely hold back her tears anymore. She placed the bouquet down and hugged Nellie in her arms, holding back her tears. .

At that moment, Neil and Nigel came over as well.

Neil burrowed himself in Luna’s arm, hugging Luna together with Nellie. Nigel, on the other hand, gently opened his arms wide and hugged Luna around her shoulders.

This was the first time they met after almost a year. They hugged and cried together.

“Okay, okay, stop crying by the door. Come in and cry all you want!”

At that moment, Bonnie, who heard the commotion, came out from her mansion, crossing her arms on her waist. She found the scene funny yet touching at the same time.

Hearing her good friend’s voice, Lama sniffled and looked up at Bonnie.

At that moment, Bonnie was in a blue and white apron. She even had a spatula on one hand, She did not look at all like the heiress of the Craig family, nor did she have the imposing aura a s the president of Craig Group.

Luna could not help but laugh out loud.

“How motherly. Are you planning to become my sister in law immediately this time after following me back to Merchant City?”

Bonnie could not help but blush. She glared at Luna. “I haven’t seen you for almost six months. Since when have you become so slick like your brother?”

Then, Bonnie turned around and said, “It’s almost two! Stop standing by the entrance. Come i n and eat!”

Luna responded before entering together with the five kids.

Christopher remained in the same spot. He took his phone out and snapped a photo of Luna taking the kids in before sending it to Jim.

After that, he kept his phone. He wanted to enter the mansion when he noticed a black Masevati parked at the corner on the road opposite Bonnie’s house.

He slightly furrowed his brows. He only knew of one person who liked a black Masevati, Joshua.

Thus, he turned to glance at the car once again before turning around and entering the mansion.

In the black Masevati, Joshua was seated in the passenger seat, looking in the direction of Bonnie’s mansion. His gaze seemed far away.

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