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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1783

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1783

Luna was infuriated by Courtney.

Joshua was right behind Courtney in the car. All she needed to do was to open the door, get in

the car, and explain it to him. How would that need five minutes?

It was clear Courtney was making a fuss. She wanted to make things difficult for her!

Had it been any other day, Luna might have given in to Courtney and Joshua, choosing to compromise, but Anne was waiting for her at that moment. It was a matter of life and death, and Luna did not have the time to waste!

Thus, Luna immediately went past Courtney and flung the car door open. “Ms. Johnson, five minutes is too long for you to ask Mr. Lynch on such a matter. I’ll do it myself!”

Then, Luna immediately opened the car door.

In the recreational vehicle, Joshua was crossing his legs elegantly, leaning lazily on his seat. His usual cold eyes were reading the documents in his hands.

When he heard someone getting in the car, he asked without looking up, flipping a page on his document, “What’s going on outside?”

Luna took a deep breath. “Mr. Lynch, our car has met with a serial accident. John’s car is stuck i n the middle.

“Anne was a little shocked because of the accident, and she has gone into labor. Christopher said that she needs a place to lie down and be sent to the hospital.

“It just so happened that I saw your vehicle. I think sending Anne to the hospital with your vehicle is the safest choice, so I came here to ask for your permission.” Luna anxiously finished the sentence in one breath.

Joshua furrowed his brows.

When he got in the car at the airport a moment ago, he was still lecturing Courtney on wasting resources. Although it was rare for him to return to Banyan City, there was no need to use the recreational vehicle to pick him up. He even said that Anne, who was pregnant, did not need a recreational vehicle.

He never expected that not long after he left the airport, the vehicle came in handy.

Joshua immediately closed his documents and stood up.

“It’s a matter of life and death, so how could I not help her?”

Joshua then got out of the vehicle. The moment he passed by Luna, he gently snickered and said in a suppressed tone, “You owe me three times.”

Then, before Luna could react, Joshua had gotten out of the vehicle.

Luna stood in the same spot, stunned. It took a while for her to understand what he meant. She helplessly rolled her eyes.

When she used to like Joshua in the past, how come she did not realize that he was so deplorable?

How could he take a sentence spoken out of desperation at Lincoln City back then to heart, holding a grudge until that moment, even multiplying it three times?

Did he really think that she was pimping her body out?

Soon after, with the help of John, Christopher, and Lucas, Anne was lifted into the vehicle.

Joshua’s recreational vehicle was huge. Even if he spread the bed out open to let Anne lie, the others still had enough space.

After settling Anne down, Lucas got out of the car, staying behind at the scene of the accident t o help John with the aftermath.

The vehicle started moving. Christopher was checking Anne’s stats while instructing Luna and John to prepare hot water and scissors.

Thankfully, the vehicle was equipped.

John and Luna were busy fulfilling Christopher’s instructions while asking about Anne’s condition in concern.

The vehicle instantly turned into a small delivery room.

Joshua returned to the sofa, flipping through his documents. However, he could not focus on his reading at all.

The entire vehicle was filled with Anne’s yells in pain when she had contractions.

He narrowed his eyes and inexplicably thought about Luna.

Anne had only one baby in her womb, yet she was already in so much pain.

What about Luna? Back then, when Luna gave birth to triplets, it must have been even more painful, was it not? As the father of her children, he was not there with Luna during her time at all.

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