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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1778

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1778

Sporting a cap and mask, Charlotte stood at the entrance of the mansion. She looked up at the magnificent building and felt a lump in her throat.

“I’m back.”

She was finally back. It had been six years.

Back then, she was Jim’s fiancee, and she was about to be one of the most powerful people in the Landry family.

However, after a test, she found out that she was infertile. To force Jim to marry her as well as cover her inability to have children before the marriage, she set Jim up. While he was with her on a business trip to Banyan City, he got the woman pregnant with his child.

Things took a turn for the worse for Charlotte then when she completely ruined herself due to recklessness.

No matter; she was finally back to the Landry Mansion.

Charlotte took a deep breath, smiled, and looked at the view in front of her. “I’ll get the things I want this time,” she muttered to herself silently.

At that moment, Luna, by the side, turned to look at Charlotte. “Let’s go.”

The butler had found an excuse and got Mickey drunk. All Luna needed to do was take Charlotte straight into the warehouse with Mickey’s signature.

Luna had just hung up when the butler, reeking of alcohol, brought the permission slip into the mansion.

Charlotte hid.

The butler passed the slip and a bottle with an unknown liquid to Luna.

“Ms. Luna, you have to remember that you can only take one bottle and substitute it with this. Mickey will take stock of the items in the warehouse from time to time. If he finds out that

something is missing, the consequences will be terrible!

“Someone once entered the warehouse to have a look and stole a bottle. That incident caused all the servants and bodyguards of the Landry family to be replaced, and the house was even renovated once more! No one can find out about you!”

Luna nodded and accepted the items passed by the butler. She had to reassure him a while longer before she managed to send him off.

When the butler left, Charlotte walked toward Luna and took the bottle. “Your butler sure is meticulous and thoughtful as usual,” she remarked smilingly.

How could she have forgotten to place a substitute when she stole Rosalyn’s drug previously?

Luna did not pay attention to what Charlotte said and brought her straight to the warehouse.

Everything went smoothly.

When Luna produced the permission slip by Mickey, the guards let them in without even stopping them.

Charlotte entered swiftly. She swapped drug bottle number 665 with the substitute and followed Luna out without staying for too long.

Coming out from the warehouse, Luna immediately led Charlotte to the exit from the backdoor, putting her in the car.

Luna had already made a deal with Charlotte.

Luna would be heading to Banyan City the next day for a week, and when she returned, Charlotte’s skin would have regenerated. By then, Charlotte would take her to see her daughter.

Initially, Luna wanted to reject the deal; she was anxious to see her daughter. However, in the end, Charlotte managed to persuade her, and she agreed to let Luna see her daughter a week later.

Thankfully, the joy of being able to see Nigel, Neil, and Nellie in Banyan City washed away a fraction of her anxiety.

It was not too late to see her daughter after returning from Banyan City along with Bonnie. Standing by the back entrance of the Landry Mansion, Luna saw Charlotte leaving.

She secretly sighed. She felt relieved.

Luna had feared that others would find out she brought Charlotte back to the Landry Mansion. She was afraid that Jim would suddenly return home.

At that moment, she was finally relieved.

Luna stretched lazily. She turned around and was just about to return home when she saw Jim, who was standing by the back door entrance, looking at her calmly.

Seeing Luna turn around, Jim sneered. “You’re still in touch with her?”

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