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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1773

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1773

The baby’s cries on the other end of the line grew louder.

Luna bit her lip. In the end, she could no longer take it and yelled Charlotte’s name. “Did you just call me to let me hear my child crying? Get her to stop crying! I’ll head out right now and meet you at the cafe.”

Upon hearing Luna’s answer, Charlotte laughed. The child’s cries sounded softer seconds later, and Charlotte must have taken the phone further from the infant, yet the cries persisted


“Luna, you’re a mother, and you should know that you can’t avoid a child’s cries. Also, I’m calling you not to threaten you. I just think that you have been apart from your child for almost a month, and I just want you to hear her voice. Don’t take it to heart.”

Luna narrowed her eyes and gritted her teeth. “Well, thank you very much, then. I’ve already heard her voice. Stop her crying. I’m leaving right now.” Then, Luna instantly hung up.

She picked her phone up and clutched her chest. Her heart hurt terribly. She could not imagine what would happen to the child in Charlotte’s hands.

However, she had verified the anti-forgery code on the DNA paternity test. The test was real.

Still, something stood out oddly to Luna. Since Charlotte had found the child and even brought the child to do a DNA paternity test, why did she blur the child’s name?

Regardless, her child was alive. That was the greatest news!

At that thought, Luna took a deep breath, collected her thoughts, and left the house.

Eight o’clock at Shipwreck Cafe.

Luna arrived right on time at the cafe, but Charlotte was ten minutes late. She knew that Charlotte did it on purpose.

Charlotte had once told her that punctuality was the most important thing for people in business.

Impunctuality would suggest disrespect to the other party, so Charlotte’s lateness was intentionally trying to show dominance.

However, at that moment, Luna could not be bothered with that anymore. As long as she could see her child and know that she was safe, it did not matter if Charlotte was ten minutes late. Even if she was late for more than ten hours, Luna would wait for her patiently.

“I’m sorry for being late.” Charlotte pushed the door and entered. She gracefully sat down in front of Luna.

“There was some traffic on the way. I’m sorry,” said Charlotte while passing a photo to Luna.

“I found your daughter in an orphanage. The director of the orphanage said that they found her by the entrance of the orphanage, but the surveillance that night was damaged,” said Charlotte while cautiously observing Luna’s reaction.

She then continued, “I’m guessing that your father doesn’t wish for the child to be by your side, getting you further entangled with Joshua, yet he doesn’t wish death on this child, which was why he sent her to the orphanage.”

Charlotte felt that her excuse was well within reason. After all, Charles Landry was already a lunatic. Even if Luna wanted to find out about the truth, it would be impossible.

Luna looked at the photo in her hand. She narrowed her eyes a little. The child in the photo did look like a month-old little girl, but…

Although she did not know what this girl should look like, this girl was very different from how Nellie looked when she was her age.

The little girl did not look like her nor Joshua. It did not look like anyone from the Lynch family or the Landry family.

A cloud of suspicion rose in Luna’s heart. However, she was still unsure whether this child was her daughter or not. After all, the DNA paternity test was real.

Looking at the last photo, Luna took a deep breath and looked at Charlotte closely. “When can I see her?”

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