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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1771

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1771

Luna furrowed her brows, unable to register Gwen’s words.

Malcolm actually got Luke to help him find the thing left behind by Heather?

If he wanted it, it was simple. All he needed to do was to attend and give Heather a funeral.

After all, Malcolm was widely known as Heather’s husband, and it was only natural for a husband to take care of the affairs of his deceased wife.

Why, then, did Malcolm not appear when he should have dealt with Heather’s funeral, even waiting for her and Jim to finish taking care of Heather’s funeral before he approached Luke’s men for help?

Why did he go to such extra measures?

Just when Luna was thinking about it, Gwen furrowed her brows and thought for a while before adding, “He was injured when he came here; limping, even. Initially, I couldn’t even recognize him.”

Gwen closed her eyes and thought back about the details that happened that night.

Malcolm came to her two days ago, which was the night when Luna and Jim had finished taking care of Heather’s funeral.

That day, Gwen argued with Luke about the electronic chain again. They were arguing in the living area when one of Luke’s men took the wretched-looking Malcolm in torn clothes in.

Malcolm immediately knelt. He offered five million dollars to get Luke’s men to steal Heather’s possession. He even said that this has to do with his survival, that he would not have come to look for Luke if it were out of desperation.

However, that day, Luke was in a terrible mood. He kicked Malcolm and chased him out. After Malcolm left, the floor was still stained with his blood from kneeling. Gwen remembered every detail clearly.

After recounting all this to Luna, Luna was silent for a very long time.

Theo, by the side, sighed and said, “It looks like Heather’s death has nothing to do with him.”

If Malcolm sent someone to kill Heather, even if there was something in Heather’s hand, they would be able to take it from her. Malcolm would not need to get another person’s help to

steal it.

Also, if Malcolm needed Luke’s help in something as simple as stealing Heather’s possession, that meant that Malcolm would not even know where to find someone to kill Heather.

How could he possibly have hired a killer?

Luna pondered for a while. She could not help but furrow her brows. “But previously, all of the evidence hinted at Malcolm…”

Malcolm went missing, and his mansion with Heather was even burnt down. If it was not Malcolm, then why would he do such things?

“It might be done by someone else, too.” Gwen pursed her lips. “Do you remember the small house outside the city? It wasn’t you that ordered the demolition of it, but everyone thought that it was you that gave the orders. Isn’t it the same?”

At the mention of the small house, Gwen was resentful. Although the small house was rather isolated, it was filled with greenery. The decor was in her favorite style. She stayed there for almost a month, and it became very dear to her.

However, the night that she was taken away by Luke after their argument, she heard that Luna had ordered the demolition of the small house. She had even secretly cursed Luna for being wasteful.

Luna looked at Gwen helplessly. She knew that Gwen must be missing the small house again. Thus, she admitted her mistake while swearing with a raised hand, promising Gwen that if there ever was an opportunity, she would build the exact same small house for Gwen once


Only after receiving her promise did Gwen smile brightly.

Luke only gave Luna and Theo two hours to visit Gwen. After two hours, under the urging of the servant, they bade farewell to Gwen reluctantly.

Once downstairs, Luna realized that only Luke was there.

“Where’s Joshua?” Theo asked with creased brows. He was staying with Joshua, so he hoped to catch a ride back.

Luke lowered his head while putting loose tea leaves into the teapot. He smiled flatly and said, “He said that someone doesn’t want to see him, so he left after finishing his business.”

Then, Luke swept Luna an indifferent glance. “Ms. Luna, do you know who he is referring to?”

Luke’s provocative eyes made Luna extremely uncomfortable.

She sneered and said, “Perhaps, Mr. Lynch is talking about Gwen.” Then, Luna turned and headed toward the door.

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