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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1770

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1770

When they conducted the funeral for Heather, Jim also mentioned that joshua was starting to investigate Heather’s accident.

If Joshua wanted to investigate it, he would naturally go through Luke. After all, Luke was in a gang, and he would meet all sorts of people.

At that thought, Luna pretended to head upstairs with Theo and Gwen while secretly eavesdropping on the conversation that went on downstairs.

she heard Luke say in a deliberately suppressed tone, “The method used is indeed very similar to the accident that happened twenty years ago. Not only did the truck appear at the wrong time and place, but even the model of the truck was also the same.

“The truck model that used to be famous twenty years ago is hard to find nowadays. I think the use of this truck was due to convenience because, after twenty years, there are now many more types of trucks that are more powerful.

“I think your initial deduction is right; it should be the same killer. He thinks that because no one found out about his previous crime, which was why he repeated…”

Luna wanted to listen to their conversation further, but the three of them were already by the door of Gwen’s room.

Gwen opened the door. When she saw Luna not moving, she furrowed her brows and asked,” Luna?”

Luna came to her senses. She smiled sheepishly before following them into Gwen’s room. With the door closed afterward, it completely shut the conversation out from downstairs.

Luna was chatting with Gwen and Theo while furrowing her brows tightly.

The accident that Luke mentioned this time must be Heather’s accident. However, what did he mean by the accident 20 years ago?

Could it be…

Luna furrowed her brows a little. She remembered her father’s brother Colin, who died in an accident as well.

Back then, Luna’s father, Charles, wanted to teach her a lesson. He shut her in the family’s shrine for a night, forcing her to properly read up on Colin’s life and his death.

Luna remembered clearly that Colin’s accident was caused by a huge truck. Also, it happened during a time and place when the truck was not supposed to be there. Colin died on the spot.

Luna narrowed her eyes and thought about it closely. The more she ran through the details, the more stunned she was.

It was true. Heather’s accident was Indeed similar to Colin’s!

Thinking back about what Luke said about how the vehicle that hit Heather was a famous model 20 years ago…

Luna’s mind was instantly in chaos.

She and the Landrys’ were under the impression that Colin’s accident was planned by Granny Lynch.

Even Granny Lynch herself has admitted that she killed Colin.

If it was really the Lynchs that killed Colin, why was Joshua investigating Heather’s accident?

Did Heather’s death have something to do with Joshua?

Was the accident that happened 20 years ago done by someone else after all?

Luna was getting more and more confused.

At that moment, Gwen furrowed her brows and said, “By the way, Luna, I saw Malcolm a few days ago.”

Gwen’s words immediately pulled Luna back to reality. Luna subconsciously looked up.

“Are you sure you saw Malcolm?”

Ever since Heather’s death, Malcolm and the child have vanished from the face of the earth.

“I’m sure.” Gwen pursed her lips. “He was secretly investigating Heather’s death. He said that there was an important object on Heather when she died. He wanted to bribe and buy over Luke’s men to secretly steal the thing left behind by Heather.”

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