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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1768

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1768

Charlotte said in a laid-back tone, “It looks like I have to thank Heather for giving me such a huge gift before she died.”

If it were not for that paternity test, Charlotte did not know that she could use the missing child to threaten Luna.

After finishing her red wine, Charlotte picked her phone up arrogantly and sent Luna a reply.

(Sure, go do whatever you’re doing. I’ll wait for you at Shipwreck Cafe at 8 a.m. tomorrow. See you there.)

When Luna saw the message on her phone, she could not help but let out a sigh of relief.

Charlotte took the initiative to set a meeting with her, which meant that she did not plan to cut ties with her.

Luna felt overwhelmed as she held her phone. Her child was still alive! Not only was she alive, but Charlotte also found her and did a paternity test!

Perhaps she would be able to see her child the next day!

Meanwhile, Joshua had already brought her and Theo into the living area of Luke’s mansion.

At that moment, Luke was sitting on the sofa, listening to his men reporting to him while hugging Gwen in his arms, caressing her.

Gwen’s left wrist and ankle were chained with an electronic chain. The electronic chain would not restrict her movements; it was only simply placed on her wrist and leg. It was not heavy as well, but it could not be unlocked without professional equipment unless her hand and leg were chopped off.

With the electronic chain on, as long as Gwen left half a meter from the mansion, a loud alarm would go off in the mansion.

In the beginning, Gwen would still struggle and find ways to escape. However, after some time, she just gave in to it. Not only did she not want to escape, but she also pleased Luke in a docile manner.

Perhaps, if Luke was in a good mood one day, he might take her out to have some air.

The moment Luna and Theo entered and saw Gwen being caressed on her cheeks and shoulders by Luke as well as the chains on her wrist and ankle, they were in total despair.

Looking at Gwen, the joy Luna felt because she found her child vanished instantly. Luna bit her lip and rushed forward, pulling Gwen out from Luke’s arms. She hugged Gwen in her arms.

“Luke, can’t you see what she has turned into? How could you bear to watch her this way?!”

Luke swept Luna an indifferent glance before looking at Gwen in her arms. He sneered and said, “What has she turned into? Isn’t it good that she’s sweet and submissive?”

Then, Luke turned to look at Joshua coldly.

“You brought them in?”

Luke remembered that he had instructed the guards by the entrance to chase the people they did not know that came looking for Gwen away even without reporting to him.

Joshua narrowed his eyes and looked at Luna. He still remembered how Luna treated him coldly outside a moment ago.

Thus, Joshua laughed. He placed the Sea City specialties on the coffee table before turning around and plopping himself down on Luke’s comfortable sofa.

“Of course, I brought them in.”

Luke glared at Joshua, but Joshua did not seem to care. He gracefully picked up the teapot and poured himself a cup of tea before picking the teacup up to have a sip.

“I didn’t want to bring them in, because I know you won’t like it, but…”

Joshua took a sip of tea before placing the teacup gently and gracefully on the table.

“My ex-wife, Ms. Luna, used her role as the heiress of the Landrys and asked me to take her in to see her friend. She used her body in exchange for this favor. How could I say no?”

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