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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1762

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1762

The doctor sighed and gently patted Luna on her shoulders. “Her brain and most of her organs have been heavily damaged, and no one will be able to rescue her anymore. She doesn’t have much time left. Since you’re her sister, go see her for the last time.”

Luna was so shocked that she was at a loss for words.

How could this have happened? A few days ago, Heather arrogantly looked for her in prison, telling her that she knew where her child was.

However, at that moment…

“Don’t waste any more time.” The doctor looked at Heather in the emergency room and sighed helplessly. “She keeps looking at you. I believe she might have something she wants to tell you.”

Luna bit her lip and subconsciously looked toward the room.

Sure enough, Heather, on the bed, was looking at her fixedly. Her eyes seemed to be saying a million things.

Her arms were moving a little as if she was beckoning Luna to her.

It was a pity that her forearm was completely broken. Her arm could only be limp next to her, and she could not even lift it.

Luna was inexplicably heartbroken at the scene in front of her. Although there were many times that she loathed Heather so much that she wanted her dead, Luna pitied her, at that moment, as she stared at her.

Even if Heather was a terrible person, she should not die in such a painful and cruel way.

Luna took a deep breath, forcefully suppressed her disgust at the bloody image in front of her, and entered the emergency room.

Witnessing the death of Cheryl previously was traumatic for Luna, and Luna’s legs

involuntarily trembled at that moment.

Luna was a timid woman. She would instinctively feel disgusted and afraid at such a bloody scene. However, she also felt pitiful toward Heather. Furthermore, she wanted to know about the child, so she forcefully suppressed all those emotions.

Luna calmly walked toward Heather.

“Luna.” Heather’s voice was extremely feeble. She looked at Luna, then looked at Joshua, who was standing by the door.

Heather smiled bitterly and said, “I’ve set people up all my life. Never would I have thought that I’d end up this way. I also never would have thought that the last people I would see are

you two…”

Heather wanted to grab Luna’s hand, but both her hands were broken. She could not even lift them.

She could only look at Luna pleadingly. “Can you hug me? I’m cold.”

Luna was silent for a while, but she could not say no to Heather’s pleading eyes.

Luna took off her coat and placed it on Heather, wrapping Heather in the coat which was still warm from her body. Then, she gently hugged Heather.

Luna did not dare hug Heather too tightly; Heather was too fragile in such a state. Luna was afraid that if she were to use any strength, Heather would die.

“Luna.” When Luna was hugging her, Heather placed her lips close toward Luna’s ears with difficulty.

“Promise me… When I die, send my ashes back to the Gibsons. I want to be buried with Aura, please?”

Luna bit her lip and replied, “Alright.”

When she heard Luna agreeing to her, Heather let out a long sigh and smiled.

After a while, Heather closed her eyes and said in a voice that only Luna could hear.

“Be careful of Charlotte; she’s not a good person. Back then, to please me, she helped me find out about the truth of me being a Gibson. Then, she helped me get in touch with Aura and helped us plot your murder.

“Jason, too… Charlotte was the one who introduced Jason to us. She has conspired with him previously, and she…”

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