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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1747

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1747

“Alright, I’ll ask her now.”

With that, Joshua hung up the phone.

He glanced coldly at the three gobsmacked people before him as a sneer played on his lips.

He had already sent Lucas to save Gwen when he over heard the recording Theo had played for Luna

Lucas was familiar with all of Luke’s hideouts in Merchant City.

Joshua had only asked Luna for something in return to mess with her, but he did not expect that she would use her body as leverage to negotiate with him.

What did she think of herself?

What kind of person did she think he was?

“I’ll go find Dr. Liddell.” Jim was the first one to snap out of his stupor.

He let out an exhale and scurried away.

Luna stared dazedly at the man standing before her.

She never thought that Joshua would have… sent his men to save Gwen even before she asked him for help

Did this mean that…he had been eavesdropping on their conversation all this while?

She bit her lip and clenched her fists.

Compared to Joshua’s attitude, her behavior when she used herself as leverage to negotiate

with Joshua…was utterly humiliating.

If a hole were to open up in the ground at that very moment, she would crawl right into it!

Sensing her embarrassment, Joshua curled his lips into a smirk and said coolly, “Even though Gwen isn’t my friend, I still know how much she means to Luke.

‘I’m just treating this as a favor to Luke; I wouldn’t have sat by while Gwen died, of course.”

With that, he glanced impassively at Luna. “Although I must say, that was a pleasant surprise, Ms. Luna.

“I didn’t think Ms. Luna, the heiress of the Landry family, would ever use this kind of thing to negotiate with a man.

“Before this, I was even wondering why Harold had said you were the one who volunteered to attend the party last night…but it seems that you must’ve planned this all along.

“If I hadn’t shown up, would you have used your body to negotiate with Mr. Hanson, like how you did with me?”

Luna’s face turned scarlet, then white.

The reason she had said all that was because, in the heat of the moment, she could not think o f anything else she could say to get Joshua to help her.

At that moment, he had embarrassed her.

She bit her lip and clenched her fists. “Joshua Lynch, you should know better than anyone what kind of person I am! I…”

“The truth is, I don’t.” Joshua interrupted Luna coldly, a sneer playing on his lips. “In the past, I used to know you well, but that’s no longer the case now.”

Luna’s words caught in her throat.

The air seemed to freeze over.

Theo let out a small cough, finally realizing that he should not have stayed here. “Um… I’ll go check to see if Dr. Liddell has managed to contact the blood bank…”

He had just taken two steps when Joshua stopped him. “Wait.”

He glanced impassively at Theo and said, “I need you to be a witness.”

Theo froze in his steps. “What…what witness?” Joshua shot Luna a cold glance. “Did I sleep with her last night?” Theo fell silent. He glanced first at Joshua, then at Luna.

He was regretting not leaving the scene earlier, but since Joshua had called him out, he had n o choice but to admit the truth, “Luna, last night…nothing happened between you and Mr. Lynch at all.”

Luna widened her eyes in shock. She shot Theo a glance of disbelief.

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