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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1743

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1743

Luna swallowed the words she had been wanting to say when she heard this.

She gripped her phone in shock and asked, “How is this possible?”

Even though she had been intoxicated the night before, she still remembered she had offended Mr. Hanson.

On top of that, she was the uninvited guest at his party, whereas Joshua was the VIP, SO according to this, he would have been more willing to conduct his business with Joshua.

All of sudden, Charlotte was saying that…not only had Mr. Hanson agreed to do business with them, but they were even signing the contract that afternoon?

Luna bit her lip and gripped her phone tightly. “How could Mr. Hanson have..agreed to this?”

“Of course, it wasn’t for no reason.” Charlotte let out a chuckle and said, “I worked on this for the entire night, you know. I’ll tell you about the specifics after you finish signing the contract.

“The point is, you were the one that made this happen, and after signing the contract, the employees of Landry Group will respect you even more.”

Luna let out a sigh of relief. “That’s great!”

This was the best news she had heard over the last few days. 1

By closing this deal, not only would she be able to win the trust of her employees, but it would even improve morale and make them believe that both she and Jim would be able to lead Landry Group through this temporary hurdle.

After calming down, Luna let out an exhale and asked the question she had been wanting to ask, “Charlotte, I want to know why, even though I had asked for help yesterday, neither you nor the bodyguards came in to save me?”

She was very concerned about this.

Fortunately, Joshua had been there the night before, but what if something like this happened again in the future?

Would she have to pray that Joshua would materialize out of nowhere each time?

Not only that, but she was not sure if Joshua would still be willing to help her in the future after they started running into each other as business competitors more and more often.

Charlotte fell silent when she heard this.

A split second later, she sniffed and replied, “Luna, as for this…”

“Luna!” Before she could finish her sentence, a familiar voice rang out from behind Luna.

Charlotte immediately recognized it as Jim’s.

She quickly changed the subject and said, “Are you with Jim right now? If so, now is not the time to talk. I can’t let Jim find out that I have returned to Merchant City, 1

“Since you’re going to sign that contract with Mi. Hanson in the afternoon, why don’t I explain this to you after the ceremony is over? How does that sound?”

Charlotte was making a lot of sense, but not only that, Jim had already arrived at her side.

Therefore, Luna had no choice but to mutter a reply and hang up the phone as soon as possible.

“Who are you talking to?” Jim asked, frowning when he saw Luna tucking her phone away swiftly as soon as he arrived by her side.

A glimmer of nervousness flashed through Luna’s eyes.

A split second later, she smiled and grabbed hold of Jim’s arm. “Are you feeling better now?”

She did not forget that Jim had stormed off because he had found out about Bonnie and Christopher’s involvement.

Jim muttered affirmatively and said, “Christopher called me back just now and explained everything. Last night, June and Harvey had spent the night at Bonnie’s together, and coincidentally, Shelly was running a high fever. Because of this, June had called Christopher over to help look after Shelly.

“It turns out that nothing was going on between Christopher and Bonnie at all.”

With that, he glanced at Luna with a meaningful look and added, “It turns out that the old wives’ tale is correct; women should try to keep their mood stable during pregnancy. Otherwise, the child will fall sick easily after they’re born.

“Thankfully, though, according to Christopher, the child will become stronger after it turns one, and they won’t fall sick so easily anymore.”

Luna furrowed her brows when she heard the mention of Shelly’s name.

This reminded her that…she still had no idea who Shelly’s birth mother was.

Therefore, she shot Jim a surreptitious look and asked, “Did Shelly’s mother…get upset a lot while she was pregnant with her?”

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