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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1727

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy chapter 1727

The news of Luna demolishing her house to prove her determination to return to Landry Group shocked the citizens of Merchant City.

This news that was plastered all over various media outlets improved the morale of the employees of Landry Group. Everyone thought that since Luna was brave enough to make this decision, she would be able to guide Landry Group through the challenges they were facing.

“Who taught you this? It’s having quite an impressive effect on morale,” Jim said, a small smile playing on his lips, as he stared at Luna when the two of them met up inside the president’s office of Landry Group Tower.

Meanwhile, on the sofa, Luna was texting on her phone with Charlotte as she replied, smiling, “I have a friend who’s very well versed in entrepreneurship helping me.”

Jim curled his lips into a smirk. “Where did you meet this person? Care to introduce me to this person?”

Luna shrugged. “Well, I’ll introduce her to you when the timing is right.”

Previously, she had also wanted to reveal Charlotte’s identity and allow her to reunite with him, but she insisted not to do this and instead wanted to meet with sim only after she had helped Luna achieve outstanding results in running the company.

Luna could not argue with her over this. On top of that, she did not think allowing Jim and Charlotte to meet now would change anything from enabling them to meet in the future. Hence, she decided to go along with Charlotte’s wishes and temporarily hide her identity from Jim.

[We have to attack first.] Charlotte’s text read. (Yesterday, the act of demolishing the house was just a strategy to boost morale and wasn’t any solid work at all. Therefore, what we have t o do now is to complete an impossible task so that the employees will gain confidence in you.]

Luna furrowed her brows. (Are you sure…that’s what we should do?]

She had absolutely zero idea how to run a business and complete an impossible task…

She was not sure she would be able to achieve that.

(Don’t worry; you just have to do as I say.) Charlotte’s reply came very quickly. (Talk to Jim now and try to find a difficult task that the company has to achieve. We’ll take over this project and come up with a plan to complete it.]

Luna was confused by this. She bit her lip, lifted her head to stare at Jim, and told him her request.

who bought the rights to a mine in Afreeka, and there has yet to be a company in Merchant City who has sought him out for a collaboration opportunity.

“I hear that both the Lynch and Quinn families are trying to get in touch with Mr. Hanson, so maybe you can try as well.

“If you successfully make a deal with Mr. Hanson, you’ll be making a great contribution to Landry Group’s supply chain.”

Luna surreptitiously recorded Jim’s words and sent them to Charlotte.

After a short discussion, Luna and Charlotte decided that this would be Luna’s first task after returning to Landry Group.

After obtaining Mr. Hanson’s details, Luna returned to her office and started making notes while on a call with Charlotte.

Halfway through this, Theo called her to explain his sudden disappearance. He had learned of Luna’s intention to move out, had managed to find a place to stay beforehand, and was sharing a rented house with his friend.

During his call, he had even asked Luna about her work.

Naturally, Luna did not want to hide anything from him at all, so she started complaining about how difficult her current work was compared to jewelry designing.

When evening rolled around, Luna and Charlotte finally put their plan into action.

That night, Mr. Hanson had a dinner appointment with some friends at Lucky Den.

In the afternoon, Charlotte had already managed to bribe one of Mr. Hanson’s dinner mates into letting Luna attend the dinner as his plus-one.

Mr. Hanson was a loyal person, and as long as Luna could successfully become his friend, they would have achieved half of their goal.

On top of that, as the new CEO of Landry Group, Mr. Hanson would surely be willing to become Luna’s friend.

Having no background in entrepreneurship, Luna could not do anything apart from agreeing with Charlotte’s plan as she explained it to her.

Considering what she did yesterday had indeed had a magnificent effect on the company’s image, Luna decided to go along with Charlotte’s plan and showed up at Lucky Den all dressed up.

The person that Charlotte had managed to bribe was one of Mr. Hanson’s friends, a man named Harold Chance.

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