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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2519

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2519

Della had suffered the humiliation for many days, and she could no longer tolerate it further. If she could compete against Joan on a level playing ground, she would not have ended up completely defeated.

“Larry had chosen to be with you right from the very beginning. He is not even giving me a chance!”

Joan had foreseen that things would take such a turn, and was not at all surprised.

“I’ve said that I would respect Larry’s every decision…”

“But have you guys ever considered how I feel? I’ve come so far just because of him, and he rejects me just like that!”

Doesn’t she understand that this is the consequence of her own choice?

One would not necessarily reap what they sowed in love, and one had to accept the outcome, no matter good or bad.

“Della, unlike your career, love doesn’t necessarily bear fruit, even if you work hard at it.”

All attempts to talk sense into Della were in vain as Joan found herself being locked inside a dark room. Nobody responded despite her crying her lungs out.

“Where is she?” Jessica shouted in the living room.

“Who are you looking for?” Delilah asked.

“Ms. Young, have you seen Joan?” Jessica asked exasperatedly.

“Isn’t she at home?” Delilah dashed into her room to check.

As expected, Joan was not in sight after she searched the whole house.

“Did something happen?” Delilah asked in a stern tone.

“Yes, it seems like Della has made her move,” Jessica replied.

Delilah had heard things about Della, and she knew about the woman.

“Where is Larry? Let him settle this!” Delilah took out her phone and was about to dial his number.

Meanwhile, Larry was pacing back and forth in his office anxiously. “Yes, Ms. Young. Don’t worry, I will make sure everything is alright…” Larry replied in a low voice.

Smack! The man hurled the phone to the floor, startling Caspian who was standing aside as the latter retreated a few steps back.

“What’s the matter, Larry?” Caspian asked.

“Joan has been taken away by Della.”

Damn it, that woman is still not giving up! Larry punched at the wall, and soon blood seeped through his fingers from the momentum.

“Larry!” Caspian shouted as he looked warily at the man.

“Call Della. I want to see her.” Larry took the phone on the table and walked out of his office.

Caspian complied and called the woman to convey Larry’s message.

“Now? Isn’t it a little bit late?” Della replied impassively.

“No, it’s not late at all, Ms. Duff. Larry had wanted to talk things out with you. He just didn’t have the time previously,” Caspian explained.

“So, now that Joan is missing, suddenly he has the time to talk to me?”

Why does she have to set me up like that? Caspian breathed in deeply and attempted to appease her again.

His efforts proved to be in vain as Della refused to meet Larry.

“Didn’t I ask you to call her? Where is she?” Larry barked in the café.

“Larry, she doesn’t want to see you,” Caspian muttered.

Is she throwing a tantrum? Larry slammed at the table as his eyes burned with fury.

“Where the hell is she? At the office?” Larry asked.

“I think she’s home.”

Della had bought a villa right after getting to the city while Larry remained oblivious to it all.

“Send the address to me!” The man demanded before he left.

How dare she lay a finger on my woman! I will not let her off the hook easy!

Bang bang bang! The banging on the door annoyed Della who was in the living room.

“Who is that?” She asked aloud.

Nobody answered the door, but the knocking continued. In the end, she could no longer tolerate the commotion and called security.

“Mister, you’re causing a disturbance. Please follow us.” A few security personnel made their way over.

“Della, get the hell out of there!” Larry did not give a damn about what others thought about him and berated right at her door.

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