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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2515

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2515

“Yep,” Lary responded.

“But Della isn’t some innocent girl that you can turn away easily,” Caspian warned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll manage it.”

“Manage what?” Della provoked stridently. She had entered the office again without them realizing it.

An awkward silence filled the space right after she spoke.

Unbothered by this, Della strutted over to Larry’s desk and leaned over it. She batted her eyelashes whilst speaking in a sickeningly sweet voice, “Seems like there’s been less riff-raff around you, hmm?”

Larry didn’t think much of this. He responded briskly, “Yeah.”

Then it hit him. He shot a sharp, suspicious stare at the woman in front of him.

She did that?

A sinisterly proud smile crept across Della’s face. “That’s right. I did it.”

Caspian’s feet shuffled awkwardly at the scene before him. He hadn’t the slightest clue what the two were talking about.

“There’s nothing that I can’t do once I set my heart to it.” Della’s chest perked confidently as if she were displaying her immeasurable power.

She then continued with a venomous hiss, “Sloppy women like Gabriella aren’t worthy of being around you.”

Realization swarmed through Caspian’s mind right then and there. Gabriella being sent abroad was Della’s doing! This woman attacks fast.

“Just like how I haven’t laid a finger on Joan because I don’t see a need to eliminate her just yet,” Della subtly threatened whilst raising her shoulders into a casual shrug.

She’s threatening me? Larry gradually rose from his seat. His furious gaze intensified on her in an unyielding manner.

“I heard that you’re proposing to her,” Della snarled. She sprawled herself onto the couch and mocked, “Do you really think that marrying her will stop me from pursuing you? How naive.”

What a vile woman—I can’t believe she would say such ruthless, shameless things! Caspian’s lips twitched in shock.

“Ms. Duff, you must have misheard. Larry’s too busy these days to even have time to plan a wedding. That’s nothing but a silly rumor,” Caspian said in hopes of diffusing the situation.

Then Larry’s voice boomed out, “Those aren’t rumors!”

He then continued sullenly, “Joan and I will eventually be married. I hope you get this into that thick head of yours.”

“Aren’t you concerned that I may actually do something to Joan?” Della asked.

The two men were aware that Della was forced to hold back from attacking Joan this whole time. However, they also knew that Della might lose her cool one day. If that happened, then there was no doubt that Della would take violent measures to satisfy her hatred against Joan.

Larry challenged her question by asking her another, “Why can’t we just be good business partners?”

“I don’t want to be business partners! I want us to be husband and wife!”

It’s quite remarkable that she dares to convey her wish so determinedly. A deep sense of respect swelled in Caspian’s chest for Della’s boldness.

Surrounded by an uncomfortable silence, Della uttered a quick farewell before leaving. “I’ve got other things to do. I’ll be off.”

Larry froze on the spot as he hung his head in grief and dejection.

“She’s actually pretty manly,” Caspian whispered in awe.

“Get out of my face!” Larry barked at wit’s end.

“What in the world is going on? How dare you yell at my husband!” Jessica growled defensively while putting down her handbag.

Caspian grinned effervescently at being called her husband. He then played along and stood behind Jessica with his chest puffed in delight.

“Who are you calling your husband?” Larry questioned.

“Him!” Jessica retorted whilst pointing at Caspian.

From boyfriend to husband at this sudden rate? That seems like something these two would do, Larry nodded to himself.

He then interrogated further, “When are the two of you planning to get married?”

The man and woman before him became deadly silent. That was because Jessica didn’t have plans to get married in the next few years.

Not wanting to stay in this situation, Caspian dashed outside the office to retrieve a parcel he had collected from earlier. He then returned to the office and placed it on Larry’s desk. “Larry, there was a delivery for you.”

“Who’s it from?” Larry asked, but kept his gaze on Jessica.

“I’m not sure. It’s anonymously signed,” Caspian replied.

At this, Larry raised an unnerved brow as he looked over to the parcel. An anonymously signed parcel? There must be some hidden agenda. Larry immediately dropped the conversation with Jessica. He waved her off, then dashed over to rip open the small, book-sized parcel.

Thump! A stack of photos fell out haphazardly—they were photos of Joan and Dustin when the two previously spent a night on the beach together.

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