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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2514

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2514

Nancy dragged herself back to the living room and picked up her baby. She suppressed any hint of hurt from earlier, replacing it with a hearty chuckle as she baby-talked her child.

“Is everything alright, Nancy?” Joan asked worriedly. However, Nancy shook her head without uttering a word.

The couple’s tension didn’t go unnoticed by Dustin, who headed towards the kitchen and patted Jory’s back. “Aren’t you going to comfort her? She looks a little sad.”

“Leave me be. I’ve got my hands full here.” Jory ushered him away.

What’s up with these two? Dustin glanced at the man before him, then looked over at the two women in the living room. A frown crept onto his face as he asked, “Did you two argue?”

“Shut up!” Jory bared his teeth and snarled.

Despite this, things were significantly improving back at the office. Caspian barged in and announced, “Larry, I’ve got some good news!”

“Get to it then,” Larry ordered.

Caspian understood and got to it. “Gabriella left!”

Larry’s spine straightened at this. His eyes twinkled in a focused stare that urged Caspian to continue speaking.

To this, Caspian gladly obliged. “I heard that she’s being sent abroad by her dad for causing quite a ruckus.”

Finally, some good news! That’s one less problem to deal with. Larry exhaled deeply with relief, loosening his tensed jaw from the earlier events.

“So now, Ms. Duff is the only meddlesome thing on your deal-with list.”

If only it were that easy; Della’s constant disruption in my life is equivalent to that of two Gabriellas. Larry’s lips tensed in frustration as he was still very much in a pickle.

“I think that you should resolve this as quickly as possible. Della’s feelings for you may grow stronger, and if that happens…” Caspian’s voice trailed hesitantly.

Although Caspian didn’t finish speaking, Larry knew exactly what he was getting at; Della would leech onto him even more than she did now. However, Larry had no idea what could deter Della, apart from marrying Joan.

At Jory and Nancy’s residence, Nancy had explained everything to Joan. “Do you understand it now, Joan? None of this is Larry’s fault—it’s Della’s. She is the one who keeps throwing herself at him.”

It turned out that Joan had misunderstood after all. Realizing this made Joan’s chest tighten with an overwhelming sense of guilt.

Nancy could tell that Joan was on the brink of blaming herself, so she advised, “You guys should stop with the cold shoulders now.”

“I know.” Joan’s voice came out like a whisper.

“So you’re forgiving him, right?”

“There is nothing to forgive. I can only choose to understand his circumstances. Now, don’t you get all worked up. I know what to do,” Joan stated calmly.

She was never an unreasonable woman, so there was no need to question Larry’s loyalty now that Nancy had explained everything.

Seeing that the mood was improving, Nancy leaned into Joan’s ear with more information to spill. “Tell you what; Larry seems to be preparing a marriage proposal for you.”

“Tell him that I won’t accept,” Joan declared coldly.

This caught Nancy by surprise. Wait. Didn’t she forgive him? So why the sudden tantrum again?

“Joan, what is exactly is the matter with you? Do you not want a married life with Larry? Weren’t you happy back when you two were together?”

“It’s not that. It’s just… I want him to sort out his private affairs before thinking about marriage.”

The simple truth was that her thoughts were completely opposite to Larry’s. Larry hoped that if he were married, then Della would have to live with his rejection. On the other hand, Joan wanted Larry to remove Della from the equation before she dedicated her whole life to him.

Both these thoughts made perfect sense and were absolutely normal. They just tackled the issue from different angles.

“But Joan… have you considered that Della might take advantage of the fact that you and Larry aren’t married? She might use that excuse to seduce him!” Panic surged in Nancy’s voice.

Joan obviously knew of the risks, but she wasn’t frightened. True love is not fickle. If Larry’s feelings for me are true blue, then it won’t matter if Della or Gabriella interferes because he will remain unwaveringly loyal to me.

So Joan answered determinedly, “That’s fine.”

Later on, Nancy called Larry and spared no detail about Joan’s refusal to marry him. Larry’s smile fell into a darkened frown when he first heard this. However, the more he pondered about it, the more his balled-up fists relaxed as he understood the reason behind Joan’s determined rejection.

I’ll wait for her hand in marriage, regardless of how long it takes!

Caspian had been in the office this whole time. He couldn’t help but ask, ”What are your thoughts, Larry? Are you following through with Joan’s plan?”

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