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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2511

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2511

“No, it’s not that far from here. I’ll walk.” Joan spun and paced off in the other direction.

Back home, Larry snored soundly on the sofa while Delilah and Lucius were still tucked away in bed. The three of them remained in a harmonious state of slumber.

Right then, Joan gently opened the door. She tip-toed as quietly as a mouse for fear of waking anyone.

“You’re home,” Larry murmured whilst rubbing his eyes.

This startled Joan, who then shut the door and curtly responded, “Yeah.”

“Joan, are you still mad at me? I swear that there’s nothing between Gabriella and me. What happened that day was an accident. Please hear me out this once?” Panic and sorrow smeared all over Larry’s face as he stumbled towards her.

Fine. Let’s say that there’s really nothing between him and Gabriella. Then what about Della?

Joan climbed onto the bed and uttered softly, “I see.”

“Are you still upset?” His voice was brittle.

“Larry, we’ll talk after you sort out the mess on your end. I’m too exhausted to deal with you now.” There was something hollow about Joan’s voice as if she were barely holding herself together from collapsing.

Larry tensed with confusion at her dismissal.

“What do you mean by that?” His brows lowered at once.

At this, Joan’s head fell back as she sneered. How can he not understand when I made it so clear for him? Isn’t he supposed to be the intelligent one?

Her lips curled disdainfully at the muddled look on his face. She spat, “Della approached me. She told me that she’s your girlfriend.”

All color drained from Larry’s face at once. Then he stormed out the room without so much as another word.

“Della! Why the hell did you approach Joan?” Larry barked into his phone as he paced back and forth.

On the other end, Della teased as if she were oblivious to his anger. “And what’s wrong with that?”

“I warned you to never show up in front of Joan!”

Something inside Larry snapped. His jaw twitched as a hideously red shade of anger seeped across his face. He had always handled Joan’s feelings with the utmost care, especially within their relationship. Yet, Della had to come along and stomp around on their relationship.

Della wasn’t in the mood to argue with him on a call, so she hung up before he could say more.

Sizzling with anger, Larry left for work. He marched into the office with a stern expression. Seeing this, Caspian hurriedly approached him. ”Larry, what’s the matter? Who’s crossed you?”

“Who else?” Larry’s voice boomed as he walked over to his desk.

Jessica? No, it can’t be. He literally bought her a meal a few days ago. Joan? Nah. Why would Joan ever go out of her way to upset Larry? Could it be… Ms. Duff?

Caspian cautiously proceeded to test if his guess was correct. “Larry, shall we go and talk things out with Ms. Duff?”

“No need! I’m here!” Della’s voice roared louder as she welcomed herself into Larry’s office.

Her gaze shot over to Larry as she shrilled out, “What’s the rush? And why are you so rude to me?”

White-hot fury burst from within him. He couldn’t stifle his anger any longer as he thundered at her, “I’ve told you before; there will never be anything between us. So how dare you keep disregarding my words!”

“I only approached Joan because I wanted to communicate and socialize with her. It’s not like I hurt her or anything!” Della stubbornly said.

This jerk! How dare he accuse me of having malicious intentions?

“What for? There’s absolutely no reason for you to reach out to Joan!” Larry growled.

“There is. I told her that I wanted a fair competition against her to win you over!” Della interjected with an equally loud snarl.

In the seconds that followed, a heavy silence permeated in the air around them.

“There’s no need to compete,” Larry declared. Disgust was evident in his rumbling voice, “She’s already miles ahead of you. You’ve lost way before you’ve even begun.”

How cruel! Does this mean that he won’t even give me a chance? A strange emotion flickered in Della’s pupils as she gazed intensely at him.

At this, Caspian immediately stepped in and tried to diffuse the tension. “Ms. Duff, Larry isn’t in the best of moods now. Why don’t you come back tomorrow?”

“That won’t be necessary!” Larry interjected. He then met her eyes with his own cold gaze. “I’m drawing the line once and for all, so let me make myself extremely clear, Della. I never had, and never will have, any emotional or physical attraction for you.”

His words were resolute and directly attacked Della’s pride, making her burn red in embarrassment.

It didn’t take long before she stomped off like a humiliated child. Frantic at the sight of this, Caspian excused himself and scurried after her. Eventually, Larry was the only person left in the office. He rested his head on the table as a gloomy expression coated his face.

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