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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2505

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2505

Delilah ended up chuckling when she came across the scene while making her way out of the kitchen.

“How have you brought him up? Have you taught him those as well?” Delilah leaned over and whispered in Joan’s ear.

How am I supposed to teach him something of sorts? Maybe he’s born street smart? Joan glanced at those in the living room and shook her head.

She muttered to herself in return, “God knows who’s the one behind this?”

Gabriella scratched her head in confusion. She asked, “Two minutes? Lucius, don’t you think that’s way too short?”

“Nah, since Dad has his own family, he’s not even supposed to have another woman next to him under ordinary circumstances.”

Gabriella was stupefied and at a loss for words to defend herself. He’s such a cunning brat! I guess he must have taken after his mother!

“Alright, that’s two minutes. Lucius, let’s head over and finish your homework before dinner.” Larry got up from the couch and brought the little boy back to his room.

In the end, Dustin and Gabriella were the only ones left in the living room. Sitting on the couch, they whispered to one another.

Gabriella asked, “Don’t you think you have shown up earlier than you’re supposed to?”

“Weren’t you the one who asked me over?” Dustin answered with another rhetorical question.

“Well, I guess we know one another pretty well, huh?”

Who the heck wants to know you well? If it weren’t because of Joan, I wouldn’t have wasted my time and make the trip back.

The woman asked, “When are you going to leave?”

“I’m not sure because it depends.”

The duo went on and on, catching up with one another without any signs of awkwardness at all.

Delilah stared at the duo in the living room and asked Joan, “Have Gabriella and Dustin always been so close?”

Once again, Joan answered with another question. “Ms. Young, are you sure you’re not overthinking things? Haven’t they always been close to one another?”

“It’s time for dinner!” Shortly after they heard the announcement, everyone showed up in the dining room.

As Delilah had a relatively cramped dining room, it could barely accommodate those who were there for dinner. They ended up squeezing next to one another.

Lucius said, “Mommy, I want the lamb pizza!”


Although they weren’t on good terms with their guests because of the conflicts that had occurred in the past, that didn’t stop Joan from preparing a feast.

Suddenly, Lucius demanded, “Dad, can you get Mom a slice as well?”

Larry was conscious of the things Lucius was up to. Thus, he grabbed the opportunity and served Joan a few slices of pizza as instructed.

Meanwhile, Gabriella’s face puckered in irritation because she was jealous of how Larry served Joan.

Unwilling to give up just yet, Gabriella requested in a coquettish manner, “Larry, can you serve me a slice of vegan pizza?”

Larry looked at her in the eyes and asked in a sarcastic manner, “Are you handicapped or what?”

Delilah and Lucius tried their best to resist the urge to laugh, yet Gabriella noticed the slightest change in their emotions.

She decided to try her luck once more. Hence, she asked, “Lucius, can you serve me a slice of pizza?”

“Sure!” Lucius agreed without a second thought, but when he was about to reach her plate, he dropped the pizza to the floor.

Immediately, he apologized with a pitiable look, “I’m so sorry, but I guess the pizza is a stubborn one!”

Gabriella’s expression darkened almost instantly.

This damned brat! How dare he try to humiliate me? He must have taken after Joan’s shameless character!

In spite of the vicious thoughts she had in mind, she put on a calm front and replied as though it wasn’t a big deal, “It’s fine, Lucius.”

Throughout the entire meal, those with a hidden agenda did a great job concealing their respective hidden agenda.

Once they finished their meal, Larry glanced at his watch and noticed it was getting late. Thus, he urged those uninvited guests to leave them alone.

“Larry, can you send me home? I’m afraid to make my way back since it’s so dark.” Gabriella brought up her request and took a peek at Joan with the corner of her eyes.

Larry pointed at Dustin who was a few seats away. He suggested, “Why don’t you get Dustin to send you back since he’s here?”

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