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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2501

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2501


As the man raised his volume, the woman went dead silent. What’s Larry doing here when he’s supposed to be in his office?

Confused, she greeted him, “Hey, Larry.”

“Why are you here?” he asked without concealing his intention.

Gabriella replied in an ostentatious manner, “I’m here to catch up with Joan since we haven’t met in such a long time.”

“Get out of my sight if you have no intention to tell me the truth!” Intimidated by the man, Gabriella gaped at his words.

“Stay away from her because she’s not related to you! Otherwise, get yourself ready to face my wrath!”

He’s such a jerk! How can he be so cruel? Is it necessary to get so worked up over such a trivial issue? I mean, I’m just here to catch up and play some mind games with her.

In an attempt to salvage her visit, she said, “Larry, aren’t you aware I have lost part of my memories? The doctor told me to mingle around with my close acquaintances to regain my memories.”

“You know what? It’s better for you to turn over a new leaf without the memories you have lost! Otherwise, you’re going to be upset by the things you have done.”

No! I must regain the part of memories I have lost! Perhaps! Joan was the b*tch behind my misery! To begin with, she’s not even my biological sibling! What makes him think I’m going to let her off the hook?

Pointing in the direction of the living room, she asked, “Larry, I’m tired. Can I head in for a glass of tea?”

“Please make your way back at once because we don’t have any tea for you.” Immediately after he made himself clear, he wanted to close the door.

Unfortunately, the woman had swiftly sneaked her way in before he could shut her out.

Staring at the man in front of her, she requested, “Just a glass of mineral water will do!”

It turns out everything is still the same, including the way the entire place is furnished! As she started surveying the surroundings, Gabriella was overwhelmed by a sense of familiarity.

After Larry served her a glass of mineral water as requested, he instructed, “Get going the moment you finish it!”

The woman asked with a sheepish grin, “Larry, do you miss me? I mean, it has been so many years since the last time we meet.”

“Gabriella, if there’s nothing else, get going already because I need to make my way back to the office.”

“Alright, I’ll leave once I finish this. If you’re in a hurry, why don’t you head out ahead of me? I’ll get Joan to show me the way out once she’s back.”

It seems like she’s determined to meet Joan in person, huh?

“Have I not made myself clear? You’re not welcomed here, and I forbid you from meeting Joan in person! If you need help to regain your memories, go visit the professionals or someone else!”

Gabriella went dead silent and placed the emptied glass on the coffee table.

Out of the blue, she pounced on Larry, stating with an aggrieved look, “Larry, I miss you so much.”

“Move away from me!” The man yelled at her, yet she behaved as though she couldn’t hear him and wrapped her arms around him with all her might.

“Gabriella, let go of me at once!” Irked by the woman’s behavior, he couldn’t take it anymore and tried to shrug him off her by brute force.

However, his effort was to no avail because she got increasingly clingy the more he tried to shrug her off.

“Larry, aren’t you aware of the affection I have for you? Why can’t you love me back? I really love you!”

What’s wrong with this shameless woman? She knows Joan is the only one I care about, yet she has the audacity to confess her affection over and over again!

He couldn’t stand her anymore. Thus, he repeated himself in a callous tone, “Things will never work out between us! Move away from me and get out of my sight at once!”

“No! I’m not leaving you! Larry, can we get married?” The moment she brought up the absurd request, she kissed the man on his lips.

“Gabriella, please mind your manners!”

Wrapping her arm around Delilah’s arm, Joan asked, “Ms. Young, shall we go get ourselves some pizza for dinner?”

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