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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2499

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2499

No woman would accept her man to have a blurred boundary with his female friends. Della believed Joan was no exception.

Meanwhile, Larry dismissed her, “That’s it. You can leave now. I’m busy.”

“I’m going to stay here with you.” With that, Della sat on the sofa and started reading a magazine.

This woman is really a stubborn one!

Larry raised his voice, “Della, you should leave now!”

Where to? The hotel?

Unwilling to leave, Della insisted, “I want to be with you.”

“But I don’t want to be with you,” Larry uttered coldly.

How could he be so harsh to me? He has no regard for my feelings at all! Nevertheless, Della put up a good front as she stood up.

“Well, I won’t leave unless you give me a kiss,” she said cheekily.

It was the first time she said something like that to a man.

As expected, Larry wouldn’t let her have her way when he said, “Then you’d better stay.”

Although she felt disappointed, at least she got to stay.

Larry took a glance at his watch and noticed it was rather late. He then shifted his gaze to Della, who was sitting not far away and couldn’t help feeling frustrated.

When will she give up? Larry pressed his temples in an attempt to loosen up.

Just then, Della asked, “Are you done with your work? Want to grab a meal together?”

Grab a meal? Does she have any idea what time it is now? It’s already midnight! Where is she going to eat?

Larry paid no heed to her invitation. “I’m done, and I’m leaving now.”

“I want you to send me home,” Della requested.

“Don’t you have bodyguards?”

“They have already gotten off work.” The way she took it for granted that Larry should be there to take over her bodyguard’s job made him want to slap her in the face.

“Care to eat together?” she asked again.

“No. I’ll send you back to the hotel.”

Della had gotten used to his seriousness. Hence, it was within her expectation that he would turn her down.

Later, a car pulled off in front of the hotel. Larry pushed her shoulder gently and urged, “That’s it. Off you go! Have a good night!”

Pointing at the hotel, Della reminded, “Remember, I’m staying here. Come and find me when you have the time.”

Hearing that, Larry remained silent and drove off as soon as Della got off the car.

Ugh! I’ve had enough! What the hell is Caspian doing? Didn’t I ask him to keep Della busy and keep an eye on her?

When he arrived home, Joan had dozed off on the couch. The woman looked tired.

Seeing that, he gently shook her awake. “Joan, wake up. I’m back. Go and sleep in the bedroom.”

Joan rolled over and muttered, “Ugh…”

In her half-awake state, she asked, “Ms. Young, is Larry back?”

“Yes. Come, let’s go to the bedroom.” With that, Larry carried her in bridal style all the way to the bedroom.

Did she stay up all night? He couldn’t help feeling sorry as he looked at the woman on the bed.

The next day, Larry woke up and headed to the office early in the morning. Joan soon woke up as well after sensing the other side of the bed was empty.

As she walked down the stairs, Delilah called out from the living room, “You’re up? Get ready and have your breakfast. We’re going downtown today.”

Joan was stunned as she stood rooted to her spot. Did I hear it correctly? Ms. Young wanted to go downtown?

“Ms. Young, do you want to buy something? Actually, you can ask Larry to get it for you,” she suggested.

Delilah shook her head. “No. I’m going there to meet an old friend.”

Hearing that, Joan fell into silence while gazing at Delilah curiously. But why is she bringing me along to meet her old friend?

“Don’t think too much. I’m old now, and I have a poor sense of direction, so I’m bringing you along to show me the way.”

Oh, I see. Joan heaved a sigh of relief, for she initially thought Delilah had done something again behind her back.

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