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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2498

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2498

Soon, Della started spilling the story in detail, “I met them abroad…”

For years, it was the first time she talked so much to another woman. Sitting opposite her, Caspian was left dazed to see her being so talkative.

At the same time, he was confused that Della was not averse to Jessica.

One would be as confused as Caspian had they known that Della never made friends. On top of that, although the latter was a woman herself, she had always thought that women were troublesome.

After dinner, Caspian offered to drive Della home, but the latter rejected.

In the car, Jessica questioned harshly, “Caspian, be frank with me. Are you interested in that woman?”

“Nonsense! My heart is occupied by a woman whose name is Jessica Zimmer,” Caspian swore.

“Then why were you so friendly and welcoming to her just now?”

“I didn’t. That’s because you don’t know her. Actually, she…” the man slowly explained the situation to her.

Hearing Caspian’s words, Jessica asked sheepishly, “Did I cross the line just now?”

Now you know… You were harsh and rude just now!

Nevertheless, Caspian held her hand and consoled her, “What’s done is done, so stop thinking about it.”

Meanwhile, in the office.Larry was busy going through the documents.

After parting ways with Caspian and Jessica, Della didn’t go back to the hotel. She went to the Norton Corporation instead.

She pushed open the office door and asked, “You haven’t left?”

“Mm,” Larry uttered a response without recognizing it was Della’s voice.

“When are you going home?” the woman continued asking.

“I’m not sure,” was his curt reply.

At this point, Larry looked up when he had finally recognized it was Della.

“Why are you here?” he asked.

She replied blatantly, “Well, I’m here because I missed you.”

Larry hated to hear this kind of answer. Nevertheless, he hid his impatience and queried, “Why did you decide to relocate?”

“Because of you. I want to be with you.”

It was a straightforward confession, yet the man was unmoved.

“If you’re staying here because of me, then I’d advise you to better leave,” he uttered in a cold and stony voice.

Ugh! Can’t he treat me nicer? He’s asking me to leave again!

Della was unhappy with the man’s cold attitude. The next moment, she requested, “I want to meet Joan Watts.”

Hearing that, Larry’s finger skidded to a halt. He then stood up and looked at Della sternly. “What are you up to?”

“Relax! What else can I do? I just wanted to have a meal with her,” the woman replied nonchalantly.

You must be up to something. Unconvinced, Larry walked toward Della and loomed over her. “Della, we will settle things between us. I hope you won’t drag Joan into this.”

Is he worried about Joan? It seems like he really loves that woman a lot.

With a look of disappointment, Della muttered, “Larry, why aren’t you worried about me?”

Why should I worry about you when you have a bunch of bodyguards to protect you?

Larry shook his head internally. He then went back to his desk and returned to his work.

Della, however, was unrelenting. “Aren’t you concerned that Joan might come and mess with me?”

Oh, Della, you’re thinking too much. That won’t happen!

Larry knew Joan well. She wouldn’t mess with anyone for no reason, and she wouldn’t even bother about those insignificant people.

Even if Joan knew about the things between him and Della, it was unlikely that she would go behind his back to confront Della. As for Della, it wouldn’t surprise him if she was to look for trouble and bully Joan.

Hence, he said calmly, “There is no need to worry. If you don’t look for trouble, Joan won’t mess with you.”

How is he so confident about it? Della sneered as she was doubtful of his words.

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