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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2494

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2494

“You’re really letting me go?” Larry asked her skeptically.

It was hard for him to believe that Della would let him go unless the latter are plotting something.

In the face of his doubtful gaze, Della shrugged. “Yeah. Well, you can always choose not to leave. I will be more than happy if you stay.”

She shouldn’t be acting so casually. Something is not right. Larry shook his head as he doubted the truthfulness of her words.

“That’s it. I’ll be going now. You can start packing your belongings. Oh, and there’s no need to let me know when you leave. I won’t be there to see you off.” With that, Della left the ward.

Larry watched as the woman’s figure vanished from sight. Inexplicably, he felt grateful to her. If he knew what Della had in mind, he would never think that way.

“Caspian, stop dallying. Pack our luggage now. We have a plane to catch!” Larry ordered while changing his clothes.

Meanwhile, Caspian, who just entered the ward, was confused as he had no idea what was going on. Why are we packing our luggage? Where are we going?

Hence, he asked, “Larry, what are you doing? Why do we need to pack our luggage?”

“We’re going home! Or do you want to stay here forever?” Larry shot a glare at Caspian, unhappy with the latter’s lack of perception.

Tsk, Caspian is really not with it. Regardless, Larry continued packing his luggage since it was not the time to bother about Caspian.

Seeing Larry in panic, Caspian quickly went over to help him with it.

“Larry, is it real? Ms. Duff is really letting us go? She doesn’t want you anymore?” he daringly asked.

Larry hushed him, “Oh, shut up! I have nothing to do with her. Remember, don’t talk nonsense in front of Joan!”

“I know, I know, don’t you worry about it,” Caspian was quick to reassure him, though he was afraid he might spill the beans.

“Shall we say goodbye to Ms. Duff? After all, she has saved you,” Caspian mumbled.

“She said there is no need,” Larry replied nonchalantly. We won’t see her again anyway.

Hours later, the two finally boarded the plane.

Meanwhile, Della was sitting on the sofa in her office. She looked calm and composed.

A man entered the office and reported, “Ms. Duff, they have left.”

“They’re on the plane?” she asked coldly.

The man replied, “Yes, and the plane has taken off.”

Larry, since you’re eager to return to Chanaea, I might as well grant your wish. It doesn’t matter where you are because there is no way you can get away from me.

Not wasting any time, Della stood up and ordered, “Let’s go. To the airport!”

You sure are a decisive woman! The man plastered a smile on his face as he watched Della’s back view gradually vanished from sight.

On Della’s way out, the assistant passed her phone. “Ms. Duff, your phone is ringing.”

It’s father! A hint of panic flashed across her eyes.

Soon after, she heard Fred’s voice over the phone, “Is this your final decision?”

Della said assuredly, “Dad, I’ve made my decision. Don’t worry. I will do my best in developing our business when I reach Chanaea.”

Hearing that, Fred fell into silence. Della had never worried him since she had always been a disciplined young lady. Yet, this time, he felt uneasy with her decision.

“Della, do you know what you’re doing?” he asked.

“Dad, I know, and this is not a rash decision.”

She knew clearly that if she chose to relocate, she would have to give up her career and start all over again.

“Dad, no matter how things turn out, I will bear the consequences. Besides, I believe I will succeed,” she continued reassuring her father.

Sensing her resoluteness, Fred suddenly felt that his daughter had really grown up.

“Alright then. I’ll respect your decision.” With that, he ended the call.

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