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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2492

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2492

In the yard, Delilah asked, “Joan, did Larry say when is he coming back?”

Looking disappointed, Joan replied, “No. He kept telling me he’s busy lately.”

It had been a long time since Larry last called her. In fact, she was the one who called him the last time they talked.

Inexplicably, Joan felt uneasy.

“Perhaps he’s too busy. Don’t worry. He’ll come back when he’s done with his work,” Delilah consoled Joan while she busied herself with the gardening.

She knew it took time for Larry’s body to recover. Hence, all she could do was to comfort Joan.

Suddenly, Joan asked, “Ms. Young, do you think something has happened to Larry?”

Hearing her question, Delilah spun around, gazing at her nervously.

She soon regained her composure and was quick to retort, “Oh, Joan, Larry is a mature man. What else could happen to him?”

Still, Joan couldn’t cast her worries away. But he’s gone for so long… Has he not done with his work yet?

Just then, Delilah called out while pointing at her phone on the table, “Your phone is ringing!”

Joan quickly went over and answered the call.

“Joan, it’s me, Caspian.”

“Did Larry say when is he coming back?” Joan asked eagerly.

Hearing that, Caspian couldn’t help feeling sorry for both her and Larry. Larry wished to go back but he couldn’t. It was not his work that was holding him back, but his personal affairs. As long as they were not settled, it would be impossible for him to get his life back to normal.

Moreover, Larry was afraid that Della might go to the extreme as to harming Joan. After all, one could never predict what a lovelorn woman was capable of doing, especially Della – a woman who would do whatever it took to get what she wanted.

Caspian sighed internally and said, “Joan, Larry asked me to call you back. He’s currently busy with the Norton Corporation’s new project, so he needs to stay here a little longer.”

At the end of the day, Joan got the same disappointing answer. Holding her phone, Joan’s eyes dimmed with disappointment.

If she had known earlier that it would be such a long stay, she would’ve chosen to go abroad with Larry in the beginning.

Delilah soon approached her. “What’s wrong? Is our poor little Joan upset?” she asked teasingly, trying to cheer Joan up.

How could I not be upset when Larry doesn’t even have the time to talk to me? I could only talk to him through Caspian. Joan pouted, feeling a little resentful.

“Oh, don’t think too much. If Larry still hasn’t come back after a month, you can always book a flight,” Delilah suggested purposefully to led Joan up the garden path.

The latter took the bait as she responded, “Oh, Ms. Young, Larry will be back by that time.”

Just then, Lucius came running into the yard. The little boy exclaimed while showing her a notebook, “Mom, look! This is a reward I got from Ms. Lee!”

Joan crouched and caressed his head. “You got a reward? Lucius, you’re awesome! I’m so proud of you!” she praised.

“Grandma, look! My homeroom teacher gave me this reward!” Lucius shared his joy with Delilah excitedly.

With a smile, Delilah asked teasingly, “Then, did your girlfriend get a reward as well?”

“Huh? But I don’t have a girlfriend,” the boy answered seriously.

Both women guffawed, which left him scratching his head. Good to hear that! Lucius is still too young to have puppy love.

Soon after, Joan explained, “Your grandma was just kidding with you.”

“Oh! I saw Caiden just now,” Lucius said suddenly.

Instantly, Joan rose to her feet, and a look of caution flashed across her eyes.

“Where did you see him?” she asked.

Don’t tell me Caiden has come to our house again!

“Caiden has left. I saw him on the street outside. I thought he visited our house, but it seems like he didn’t,” Lucius mumbled and then ran away.

Luckily, Caiden was gone. If he showed up at their house again, Keith would definitely go nuts. If that happened, Joan was afraid Keith would lay his hands on her again.

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