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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2491

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2491

Hmph! It’s just a woman. Why is he so worried about her? There is no problem unsolvable with money.

With that in mind, Della reassured Larry, “Don’t worry. Leave everything to me. I’ll solve it.”

How is she going to solve it? What will she do to Joan? Instantly, Larry had his guard up. He turned to face Della, and his gaze turned sharp.

“She’s my woman! Don’t you ever lay your hands on her!” he warned.

For a moment, Della was stunned before her smile reappeared on her face.

Oh, I find him all the more lovable when he behaves this way.

The way he protected the woman he loved showed that he was a responsible and reliable man. That alone was enough reason for her to fall for him instead of her other admirers.

Those admirers pursued her more or less because of her family background and wealth. Even though they didn’t like her, they would still approach her for the above-mentioned reasons. She soon lost faith in love until she met Larry.

It was love at first glance. Later, she fell head over heels for him because of his good character and personality. Larry was humble, ambitious, and faithful. Everything about him met her expectation.

Fixing her eyes at him, Della directly asked, “Larry, do you really love that woman that much? Don’t you have any feelings for me?”

Holding his gaze, Larry nodded firmly.

Things need not be said, for he knew Della was a clever woman. Besides, he believed his attitude was clear enough.

Just then, Caspian asked in a low voice, “Larry, do you want to call Joan back?”

“Of course,” Larry answered, loud and clear.

Nevertheless, Della was inexorable. “I want you to tell me, what do you think of me?”

“Della, to me, you will be a great business partner, but nothing more. I have no feelings for you,” Larry said frankly.

After a short pause, he added, “At most, I will only treat you as a friend.”

It turns out I’ve been deluding myself all the while. It’s only my wishful thinking to be his girlfriend. Della had always thought that as long as she loved Larry wholeheartedly, he would one day change his mind and come back to her. In hindsight, she was only wasting her time.

Standing next to them, Caspian advised, “Ms. Duff, no one has control over their feelings. Likewise, you can’t force love or happiness. Even if your love is unrequited, you will feel happy for the man you love as long as he is happy. Don’t you think so?”

Della couldn’t agree more with his words.

Yet, she was unwilling to give up on Larry – the first man with whom she fell in love with.

“If you met me before Joan, would you choose me?” she asked, determined to get an answer from him.

It was an important question to her but meaningless to Larry.

Without any hesitation, he answered, “We can’t turn back time, and there is no point asking me this. What I can tell you is that if I had a choice, I wouldn’t go abroad, and hence, I wouldn’t even meet you.”

Larry was indeed a tactful man that he could come up with such an unexpected yet excellent answer.

“But I really love you! I can’t let go of you!” In the end, Della could suppress her emotions no more, and she broke out in tears.

It was her first time falling in love and showing her weakness in front of a man.

Seeing Della shedding tears, Caspian couldn’t help but shuddered. He knew it was not easy for Della, a proud woman, to wear her heart on her sleeve.

Meanwhile, Larry said softly, “We can still be friends.”

Della shook her head and choked out, “But I don’t want to be your friend! I want to marry you.”

Hearing that, Larry had nothing more to say. After all, he had no feelings for her. There was no point for her to force him into marrying her. He closed his eyes, looking completely worn out.

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