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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2486

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2486

“Shut up!” the man laying on the hospital bed retorted loudly. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

But you can’t run away from reality forever! On one hand, Joan was patiently waiting for his return back home. On the other hand, Della was bending over backward to help Larry in any way she could. He had to make a choice between these two women sooner or later!

Caspian could understand if he ended up choosing Joan, but that would mean having to let Della down. If he chose Della, that would mean abandoning Joan.

Caspian doubted that he would be able to make the decision if he were in Larry’s shoes.

He could clearly tell that a strong, independent woman such as Della letting her guard down and softening when in front of Larry meant that she was truly in love with him. Besides, Caspian did acknowledge that Della was quite the perfect woman, with all the ideal traits that men usually looked for in a lover.

“Have you ever felt your heart skip a beat because of Della?” he pressed on nosily.

Larry turned to level him with a stern stare. “Are you trying to get yourself fired, Caspian?”

Caspian instantly fell silent, the atmosphere in the room growing tense and awkward until they heard a knock on the door.

Malcolm entered the ward, a handful of gifts in his arms. “How are you, Mr. Norton? Feeling any better?”

“Much better, Mr. Lancaster. Has everything at the company been handled accordingly?” Larry inquired.

He hadn’t forgotten why he’d come here in the first place.

“Yes, everything is back to the way it once was, and the partnership with your company is still upheld. The details for the orders for the products have also returned to normal, but…”

Larry stiffened slightly, his expression serious as he gazed at the fidgety man in front of him.

“… But, you also need to handle your relationships, Mr. Norton.”

Caspian did a double-take.

So even Mr. Lancaster could see that Della treated Larry differently compared to how she treated other people.

“What are you talking about, Mr. Lancaster?” Larry feigned ignorance.

“I can tell that Ms. Duff is clearly trying to earn your affections. You should watch out for her; after all, you are a married man.” Malcolm reached out and patted Larry’s shoulder, who looked awkward. “I’m fine now, so don’t worry about me. You should take the chance and leave the country while you still can.”

Malcolm was implying that Larry should still pull himself out of this sticky situation while Della’s feelings for him had yet to reach the point where she became fatally obsessed with him.

“I understand,” Larry replied curtly.

The truth was that Della would sacrifice anything and everything in order to get something she wanted, no matter the cost.

“What did you understand? Are you really going to go back to your home country?” Della suddenly appeared out of nowhere, strutting into the hospital ward.

All three men’s eyes widened in shock at the sight of her, and Malcolm felt his heart drop to the bottom of his stomach.

“I still have work to tend to, so I’ll be taking my leave and come back another day,” Malcolm hurriedly got to his feet and left the room.

Larry turned his head slightly to glance at Caspian, who read his cue and stood up to show Malcolm out.

“What’s all this I hear about your heart skipping a beat, or going back home?” Della asked, smoothing out Larry’s blanket.

“I’m nearly fully recovered, so I’ll be able to return home soon,” came his flat reply.

“And what if I miss you?” She took a seat by his bedside.

“Don’t,” he asserted. “I won’t be interacting with you outside of work from now on.”

How cruel! She’d just helped him resolve one of his problems, and now he was going to act as if they were mere strangers?

Huffing, Della sat up straighter and looked him dead in the eye. “I’m going to make things clear to you, Larry: I like you, and I want to marry you.”

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