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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2482

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2482

“Nonsense,” Joan rolled her eyes. “I can’t get drunk; I still need to head home to make dinner for my kid.”

Unbeknownst to her, she was already buzzed.

“I really respect you, Joan, and I’m super grateful for your companionship all this time,” Jessica hiccupped out, a mug of beer in one hand. “Especially since that stupid Caspian just flew out of the country without telling me anything! If it weren’t for you, I’d have gone over there myself to teach him a lesson or two.”

“You can’t do that! Caspian has his own dignity too, no? All you need to do is take care of your own business. And it’s not as if he’s never called to ask how you’re doing; it’s just that the one time he did, you didn’t pick up the call because you were drunk,” Joan argued.

The two women waved their hands in the air animatedly as they debated back and forth.

Jessica complained loudly, “No, he clearly doesn’t care about me at all! I’m going through the worst time of my life and he can’t even give me a single word of reassurance! What kind of boyfriend does that? Sometimes I wonder if he really sees me as his girlfriend!”

Nancy watched over them with an exasperated gaze.

She’d barely even gotten started drinking, yet her two friends were already this drunk? She turned around to grab some more bottles of alcohol.

“Wait, you guys have alcohol here? Then why did we have to go out to buy it?” Jessica demanded, pointing right at the bottle in Nancy’s hands.

“This is our family’s most treasured heirloom! We don’t usually take it out to drink,” Nancy pouted, kissing the glass bottle and making Jessica roll her eyes.

“It’s just a bottle of wine, not your ex-boyfriend! Besides, who else are you going to drink it with if not with us? Jory’s so rich, it’s not as if he’ll care if we drink this one bottle.”

The three women gradually lost track of time, shouting, partying, and letting go of their inhibitions as they continued drinking in the living room. One of the housemaids contemplated going over to tell them to lower their voices, but eventually decided against it. Drunk women were one of the scariest beings on earth.

“Come on! Cheers, Joan! I hope that you and Larry will reconcile and give birth to a beautiful baby as soon as possible!” hollered Nancy.

“What are you talking about?” Jessica cut in. “Joan and Larry have been going strong since forever!”

Although Nancy’s words rubbed her feathers the wrong way, Joan decided to brush it off, figuring that Nancy was still unaware that she and Larry had already made up a long time ago.

The butler soon discovered the three women sound asleep, their bodies draped over various pieces of furniture as they snored. Sighing, the housemaids gathered some blankets and made sure to tuck them in as securely as they could.

The next day, sunlight shined in through the glass windows and warmed the smooth surface of the floor. Joan’s eyes blearily fluttered open, slowly reaching up to massage her temples in an attempt to ease the migraine she had.

“What…” she mumbled out. It took her a while for her brain to register the sight before her.

On her left was Jessica’s curled-up body, and to her right lay an asleep Nancy.

Why am I sleeping with them…? Joan held her head in her hands, trying with all her might to recall the events of last night. It was only when she spotted the empty bottles of beer and wine on the table that all her memories came rushing back to her.

Oh my god. I must have lost my mind! She scolded herself internally.

“Don’t go…” Nancy mumbled, somehow finding Joan’s arm without having to open her eyes and holding onto it with a death grip.

Joan pushed and pulled, struggling to break free from her grasp. “Nancy, let go! I need to go to the washroom.”

Her efforts proved futile. Nancy had near-superhuman strength that she was no match for. It seemed that the legend of “women grow stronger after having given birth” was true after all.

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