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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2477

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2477

“This is my best friend, Caspian,” Larry replied.

“Hi, how is it going?” Caspian greeted the woman politely.

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ld tell from the woman’s demeanor th

y’s girlfriend,”

by Della’s self-serving reply and gro

lla did not seem to care at

ain what’s going on he

orton here is my boyfriend. I’m Della Duff, h

spian’s confusion as his gaze shifte

unlikely that he has fallen for another girl. W

her. It’s all nonsense,

mber you,” Della said while lifting

nstinctively and attempted to retreat from the ward when t

stride and asked,

excuse yourself

stand here while the two flirt? I can’t watch that

uss with Caspian. Leave us alo

indifference, Della paused brie

la patted Caspian’s sho

ry bellowed at Caspian

order? Just say the w

‘s blabber? Larry studied

d you haven’t seen

found himself in a great dilemma

do it?” L

me what happened between you two.” This wi

ulsive personality, it is quite possible that h

to come clean and told Caspian a

ou didn’t tell us you had been in an accident, Joan and I were so worried we couldn’t sleep every night t

time he raised h

, knowing that Caspian had just

ou everything? Can yo

ension grew. Caspian sat down on the sofa and til

child? Larry looked at Ca

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