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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2474

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2474

Joan was flabbergasted at what Jessica was capable of.

“Piss off and leave us alone!” Jessica barked at the man.

Damn b*tch! This is not over! The man rubbed his nose and scuttled away.

“Jessica, that was incredible! When did you learn all these moves?” Joan asked in amazement.

“Caspian was worried that someone might take advantage of me when I get drunk, so he insisted that I take this self-defense class. I’ve only just started not long ago. Isn’t this great? I’ll protect you from now on!” the woman proudly declared.

That was some really good move. But the thing is, she’s not entirely sober right now. Joan let out a resigned sigh and fell silent.

Meanwhile, the man who almost got his arm broken by Jessica reappeared at the scene with more of his kind.

“It’s them!” the man announced loudly while pointing at Jessica and Joan in the corner.

“What are you doing?” Joan studied the men and grew anxious.

Jessica, on the other hand, was already dozing off on the table.

“Such a pretty girl with a nice curvy body. Only if her temper was better.” A man who appeared to be the leader walked over and commented.

“I’m not drunk! Whoever says I’m wasted will be sorry!” Without any warning, Jessica picked up an empty wine bottle and aimed it at a young man who stood merely yards away.

“Ahh!” The man winced in pain as blood started to trickle down from his head wound.

Turning her head back to their table, Joan found Jessica to be nodding off again, as though she did not just hurl a beer bottle at a thug and break his head. Joan’s jaw dropped in astonishment.

Can anyone be this sober and hammered at the same time?

“Son of a b*tch! Wait till I—” the young man said while charging toward Jessica.

“Stop it!” The older man called out.

All of the man’s underlings froze on the ground as they waited for their leader’s instruction.

Such a unique woman; so feisty even in her sleep! Very interesting. The man continued to gaze steadily at Jessica, who appeared to have passed out on the table, and smiled to himself.

“Boss, what do we do now?” a man asked.

“Leave us. I’m okay by myself here,” the man ordered. His eyes were glued to Jessica the whole time.

The few of his men were caught by surprise. In normal times we would have settled the issue and on our way out by now. Something is off with him today.

“So, um, we’ll just go?”

“Yeah, and don’t come back here or wait for me.” The man waved at his underlings and gestured for them to retreat.

Joan was baffled by the unexpected turn of events in the last few minutes.

What is going on here? Is this person planning something else in his head?

“Jessica, wake up!” Joan raised her voice while patting Jessica’s back.

“Miss, can’t you see that your friend is very tired, and she needs to rest right now?” the man commented casually.

What’s up with this person? Joan ignored the man and continued to rouse Jessica from her slumber.

“Oh, Joan, what’s your problem? Stop being so uptight and let your hair down a little. We’re here to have fun and enjoy our lives, aren’t we? Come on, let’s drink!” Jessica held out another glass of wine and exclaimed boisterously.

“You’re right!” The man, too, raised his glass and clinked with hers. Joan could not help but gape at the sight.

“You totally get me, my friend. She keeps worrying that someone is going to attack us in the dark. Can you tell her that she worries for nothing? We’re living in a society where people are more civilized and educated now, aren’t we?”

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