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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2471

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2471

“Have I been out of sorts these few days, Jessica?” Caspian asked.

That’s too mild a description! In truth, you’ve even been worse than a walking corpse! You always drop your cutlery when you’re eating, and you space out when you’re working. Even when you’re walking, you’re often a hair’s breadth from getting hit by a car!

Worse still, you’re no longer asking me out to a movie or shopping dates! I always declined back then because I’d been busy, but he has wilted now that I’m free, often looking dispirited instead.

“Tell me what exactly is on your mind now. Do you not love me anymore?” Jessica questioned out of the blue, her voice colored with aggrieve.

“What are you saying, silly? How could I possibly not love you? You’re the woman I love most in this lifetime!” Caspian answered, instantly hugging her tightly and kissing her tenderly on the forehead.

“Really? Did you also say this to Nancy Barrymore in the past?” Jessica quizzed bluntly without considering his feelings in the slightest.

In her world, she had always believed that once two people started dating, they should be frank with each other and tolerate the other person in everything.

“How did you know about me and Nancy?” Caspian asked with his brows deeply creased, chagrined.

“Look at how intimate you’re addressing her! Tell me, do you still love her now? Do you?” Jessica questioned as she pinched his arm.

“Alright, listen here. Now, my mind is chock-full of you. Your countenance plays in my mind when I’m sleeping, working, and even eating. How I wish to marry you right away and hold your petite hand every day…”

Caspian’s confession truly astonished Jessica. She had always thought that he was a rough and tumble man, but over time, she started realizing that he was actually a very gentle man. He was good at making her happy and adept at sweet talk. Besides, he would protect and take care of her. On the whole, he had every single quality a man ought to possess.

“Then, tell me what’s wrong with you lately,” Jessica murmured as she nestled into his arms.

“I’ve been feeling rather irritable lately. For some reason, I just worry that something would happen to Larry abroad.”

At long last, he told her the truth.

Phew! Luckily, he’s worried about Larry and not Nancy Barrymore. Hearing that, a relieved smile tugged at Jessica’s lips. But still, he’s too concerned about Larry!

Lifting her head, she bit him in disgruntlement.

“Ow… Why did you do that?”

“I bit you since you’re worried about your buddy instead of me,” Jessica muttered sourly while glowering at him.

“That’s different! He’s my buddy, while you’re my wife!”

For some inexplicable reason, warmth flooded Jessica when she heard the word “wife.”

“Okay, I got it.” She continued snuggling into him, hugging him tightly around the waist with both hands.

“Caspian, did something happen to the company? It’s been such a long time, so why isn’t Larry back yet?” Joan inquired in a low voice as she stared at the man before her solemnly, her expression stained with unease.

“No, it’s just an ordinary business trip, Joan,” Caspian immediately fibbed.

Before Larry went abroad, he told Caspian that he was only to speak of the positive no matter what Joan asked. Anything negative was strictly prohibited. Although Caspian was indeed extremely worried about Larry’s safety, when it came to Joan, he would still choose to keep her in the dark.

“Really? But his business trips in the past never exceeded a week,” Joan fretted.

“Don’t worry, Joan. Larry is fine. The company has quite a lot of projects recently, so he’s advancing his career,” Caspian explained.

But for some reason, Joan just couldn’t shake off the faint feeling of dread. Yet, she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Perhaps I’m really reading too much into things. Considering Larry’s capabilities, he can’t be anything else but fine.

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