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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2470

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2470

Joan must have heard Della’s voice earlier, yes? Should I explain things to her?

“So, what’s your plan?” Della asked as she sashayed in.

What plan can I have? In my current condition, I won’t be able to do anything. Larry merely kept mum. He didn’t want to talk to her, let alone see her.

“Why, are you angry?” Della questioned bluntly.

Of course, I’m angry! I really don’t want to disappoint Joan, nor do I want to owe her a favor!

“Just leave, Della. I’ll settle my problem by myself,” Larry declared loudly.

Even if I can’t settle it, I’ll give my all to save Mr. Lancaster!

“Then, tell me how you’re going to settle it. With your status, connections, and capabilities here, you definitely won’t be able to save Malcolm Lancaster. As for Matthew Lancaster, I’ve gone to see him, and he’s clearly an extremely cunning man. Thus, it’ll be very challenging for you to keep him in check if you’re unfamiliar with his tactics,” Della drawled softly.

She was indeed right, for Matthew had always been a vicious person who never played by the rules. Instead, he kept changing up his methods simply because he was afraid that he would become predictable to others.

“That’s none of your business!” the man on the hospital bed snapped.

“Larry, it’s because you don’t want to owe me a favor since you’re afraid that you can’t repay me, no? In that case, just pledge yourself to me. As I said, I like you, so you must marry me in the future!” Della insisted.

Is she mad? How could she simply say such a thing? Furthermore, who would dare marry a woman like her?

“Listen carefully, Della. I, Larry Norton, love Joan Watts alone. In this lifetime, I’ll only marry her,” Larry stated resolutely.

“It’s okay. I’ll go and have a chat with her. She’ll definitely back away,” Della declared confidently.

In an instant, Larry panicked. “What are you planning to do? I’ll show you no mercy if you dare harm a single hair on her head!”

Haha, how ridiculous! What can he do to me for the sake of that woman when he isn’t even capable of resistance now?

In response, Della walked over to the bed and tucked the covers around him with a perpetual smile on her smile.

“So, how are you planning to punish me at that time? Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. I’ll already be yours by then, so I’m willing to take whatever punishment you dole out,” she murmured devilishly as she flirtatiously brushed a finger under his chin. Thereafter, she left.

Damn it! Wasn’t that something I should’ve done to Joan instead? At that very moment, Larry felt entirely useless. Regret swamped him. If I’d known this would’ve happened, I would’ve had Caspian come over instead!

“Keep a close eye on him and make sure that he stays put. Otherwise, I’ll be holding you responsible,” Della threatened as she walked away.


Considering the sluggish progress of things, Caspian was very much worried back in Chanaea.

Joan had no idea that Larry went abroad to resolve a problem, so she naturally regarded his trip this time as a run-of-the-mill business trip. Caspian, however, knew about the danger all too well, so he had been anticipating Larry’s return every day. Alas, he hadn’t seen any sign of him after such a long time. For that reason, he grew increasingly anxious.

“Why isn’t Larry back yet? Has something happened to him?” Jessica asked loudly beside him, her expression one of extreme agitation.

“That’s not likely since he said everything was going smoothly the last time he called,” Caspian assured.

Crash! All of a sudden, the cup in the man’s hand slipped to the floor and splintered into thousands of pieces right before their eyes.

“Look how careless you are! What’s playing in your mind that you’re always looking distracted?” Jessica grumbled under her breath.

Well, she’s right. I just can’t shake off the extreme unease and trepidation within me no matter what I’m doing recently. Yet, I can’t tell what exactly I feel that way.

“What’s wrong, Caspian? Are you not feeling well? If so, let’s go and get you checked out at the hospital, okay?” Jessica urged anxiously, instantly taking his arm.

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