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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2466

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2466

“Wait a minute, Ms. Duff! Mr. Lancaster is in an extremely precarious situation now, so please take immediate action,” Larry urged anxiously.

He was truly afraid that Matthew would hurt Malcolm even though they were biological brothers.

“You’re quite loyal,” the woman commented. Then, she left.

You must hang on, Mr. Lancaster! Larry prayed as he gazed out at the sky outside.

But little did he know that a catastrophe awaited him.

“What? Ms. Duff is coming? Why would she do so? And did she tell you the purpose of her visit?” Matthew demanded anxiously in the office as terror rushed through his veins.

“I have no idea why. Ms. Duff has never involved herself in such matters in the past, and it’s also the first time she has ever visited. I can’t shake off the feeling that something bad is going to happen,” his assistant quickly replied.

“Buzz off!” Matthew abruptly roared. “You’re such a useless piece of trash! Why am I paying the lot of you? You know nothing, merely bragging every day…”

Outside the office, none of the employees dared make a single sound, all burying their heads in their own work.

“When is she coming?” Matthew snarled.

“This afternoon,” the assistant answered.

Why the hell is that damn woman coming over at this time when she never had any collaboration with this company? The man rubbed his hands vigorously, apprehension engulfing him.

“Alright, here’s what we’ll do. When she comes in the afternoon, just say that I’m not in,” Matthew ordered.

“But she has made an appointment in advance,” the assistant instantly countered.

Damn it! The receptionist is also useless! Why didn’t she ascertain who the hell was making the appointment before confirming it?

“Actually, it’s not a bad thing to meet her, Mr. Matthew. Della Duff is a globally-renowned entrepreneur, so it’s truly an honor to meet her, although her visit this time may not be a good thing,” the assistant reminded him.

Why on earth is everything going haywire recently, with each problem worse than the last?

Bang! The man slammed his hand on the table. A ruthless aura emanated from him, yet he was also powerless at that moment.

“If you really don’t want to meet her, we can put her off,” the assistant added.

He’s the boss right now, so I have no say in whatever he wants to say or do.

“Of course, I’m meeting her! Why wouldn’t I do so? I must meet her!” Matthew answered resolutely.

I simply want to see what that so-called Ms. Duff is up to!

“Go and straighten things out in preparation to receive her!”

“Oh, you’re here, Ms. Duff? Please have a seat!” Matthew greeted Della while stepping forward to welcome her.

Upon seeing his reverent demeanor, the assistant was astonished. He was grumbling about her arrival in the morning, so why is he suddenly so enthusiastic now? Ha! It turns out that even men are prone to fickleness! Also, it only takes a matter of mere seconds for a man to change his tune!

“I wonder why you graced us with your presence here, Ms. Duff?” Matthew inquired gently as he poured her a cup of tea, seemingly afraid to offend her.

“If my memory serves, you’re not the owner of this company. I’m sorry, but I’ll only speak to the owner,” Della murmured after taking a sip of tea.

What a b*tch! It’s just a chat, yet she’s picky about the person she wants to talk to? What’s her problem?

“I’m sorry, Ms. Duff, but my brother is currently away. Um… He has gone on a vacation, so it might be a long time before he returns,” Matthew immediately fibbed.

However, from his expression and reaction alone, Della could tell that the man in front of her was definitely lying even if Larry hadn’t told her everything about the two brothers.

“In that case, I’ll just get straight to the point. I want to acquire the company or collaborate on a project. However, my final decision hinges on my talk with the owner in person,” she declared.

In reality, she had no interest in such a company. If it weren’t for Larry’s request, she wouldn’t even have set foot in this place.

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