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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2465

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2465

“Are you okay?” the woman asked as she touched Larry’s forehead.

“Don’t touch me!” Larry bellowed all of a sudden. Other than Joan, I’ll never allow any other woman to touch me for the rest of my life!

“Why are you so fierce to me? It’s not like I bite!” the woman retorted vehemently.

“Stay away from me!” Larry thundered.

Why is he so hot-tempered? This won’t do. I’ve got to tame him. Otherwise, he’ll be stepping all over me every day after we get married!

“So, what’s your decision, Larry? Do you want me to help you? I’ve always been a very efficient person,” the woman deliberately enticed. “Oh yes, I haven’t even introduced myself after such a long time. I’m Della Duff,” the woman said while extending her right hand.

In response, Larry twisted his head to the side and gazed out the window, ignoring her altogether.

Ugh! Why is she so annoying! At that very moment, ire suffused him. Wait… That sounds very familiar. Did she say she’s Della Duff?

In a flash, his head snapped back, and he stared at the woman in front of him with a dubious gaze.

Ah, he has finally gotten it! A satisfied smile played on the woman’s lips. I just knew that few in this world don’t know me, Della Duff!

“What did you just say?” Larry queried in a slightly diffident voice.

“I’m Della Duff. Why, is there a problem? Of course, you can voice it out,” the woman drawled with a chuckle.

Della Duff was the daughter of the wealthiest man in the world, and she received top-notch education since young. Even when she was still attending school, she had already started her own business. Without any help from her father, she managed to propel the company she established to the top ten in the world in a mere three years.

Hmm… I never thought that I’d actually meet such a formidable character here.

“Well, let’s hear it. What questions do you have?” the woman asked, cutting straight to the chase.

If she’s really Della Duff, it’s a good idea to ask for her help. After all, everyone knows that she never bows to any power but always remains true to herself.

“So, will you tell me your problem now?” the woman repeated.

Of course! That’s a no-brainer, after all. If she’s Della Duff, there’s hope for Mr. Lancaster. However, empty talk doesn’t prove that she’s truly who she claims to be.

Larry’s brows creased deeply as doubt stained his expression.

Della’s forte ever since young was reading people’s expressions, so she naturally knew his concerns. Thus, she took her identification card out of her handbag and flicked it to the man on the hospital bed.

Sure enough, she’s Della Duff! Elation inundated Larry at once. But at the same time, he was also a tad worried.

What if she really took a fancy to me? My heart is already chock-full of Joan, so there’s no space for any other woman.

“Ms. Duff, I apologize for having been rude to you earlier.” He instantly apologized while appearing a touch embarrassed.

Well, well… That’s quite a drastic change of attitude, but it’s good that he has the guts to admit to his mistakes.

“It’s okay since I didn’t tell you my identity earlier. So, will you now tell me what exactly your urgent matter is? As I said, I’ll help you resolve it,” Della stated plainly.

Yes, that was what she said, and it’s indeed the smart thing to do, but I don’t want to owe her a favor! Ah, never mind! It’s a matter of life and death, so I’ll just deal with it after having saved Mr. Lancaster!

“The thing is, Ms. Duff, I have a business partner who is now in a bit of a bind…” Larry explained in a low voice, his demeanor exceedingly solemn.

In an instant, the woman understood everything.

“It’s just a paltry matter, yet you ended up in such a sorry state? From what I know, you’re an incredibly domineering and ruthless president, Mr. Norton,” Della deliberately taunted him.

This was just an accident, okay? At her dig, Larry dipped his head as mortification flashed across his eyes.

“Alright, you don’t need to bother about this anymore. I’ll deal with it.” As Della spoke, she strode out of the hospital room.

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