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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2463

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2463

Meanwhile, guilt swamped Malcolm as he watched the man in front of him being beaten to a pulp.

I’m sorry, Larry! His hands clenched tight, and a trace of anguish crept into his eyes.

“Good! Scram!” As Matthew said that, he again gave him a lethal kick.

Subsequently, Larry slowly staggered up while trying to compose himself. He cast a glance at Malcolm at the side, but he then walked out without saying anything.

Perchance because he had sustained too many injuries, he collapsed by the roadside shortly after. When he woke up, he was lying on a hospital bed in the hospital.

“You’re awake? Are you thirsty? Would you like to have some water?” a young lady anxiously asked beside him.

“Who are you? And why am I here?” Larry mumbled.

His questions startled the woman beside him.

“Uh… Well, you passed out by the roadside earlier,” the woman explained.

Hearing that, the man on the hospital bed massaged his temples in an attempt to clear his mind.

Hmm… That’s right. I’m in the hospital now. In the next second, he recalled everything that had happened just now. Oh God, I’ve got to lodge a police report and save Mr. Lancaster!

Without an ounce of hesitation, he got out of bed. Slipping on his shoes, he then made to sprint out of the hospital room.

“Where are you going?” the woman screeched as she grabbed his arm tightly, her face a mask of worry.

“I’ve got an important matter to handle.” As Larry spoke, he pulled away from her.

“Don’t panic first. You can tell me if you’ve got a problem. I’ll help you, so don’t worry. As long as you tell me what it is, I’ll definitely do my best to resolve it for you. Therefore, you only need to lie back on the bed and rest,” the woman declared firmly. Then, she forcefully pushed him onto the bed.

At that very moment, Larry was completely drained of energy, his only thought to save Malcolm.

“First and foremost, I’m very thankful for your help, miss. But I really have an urgent matter to attend to, so please excuse me.”

“Stay right there!” the woman snapped as she pressed him down hard.

Surprisingly, the moment she laid eyes on Larry, she fell in love with him. Perhaps it was the so-called love at first sight?

In the past, she had never considered love or marriage, but when she met this man, she knew that she had fallen deeply to the point of no return. Larry didn’t do anything at all, yet she simply fell in love with him.

“I’ll repeat this another time— tell me the urgent matter you’re speaking of, and I’ll resolve it for you,” the woman murmured as she placed her index finger at his lips.

“Miss, we’re strangers, so I hope you can have some self-respect. Besides, my affairs are none of your business,” Larry stated coldly.

In the course of his entire life, the one thing he abhorred most was people getting overly familiar with him.

“Hmm? You’re miffed? I just wanted to help you out,” the woman muttered. Turning around, she then sat on the sofa with a regal demeanor.

“I don’t need it,” Larry countered bluntly.

Few people were aware of Malcolm being sabotaged, and they were secretly investigating the truth of the matter, so he couldn’t simply tell someone else about it.

“So, your name is Larry Norton, huh?” the woman inquired out of the blue.

How did she know that? Larry eyed the woman in front of him suspiciously, his gaze threaded with a hint of curiosity.

“Here!” The woman tossed Larry’s identification card, which she held in her hand, to him.

“You probably came here for business, yes?” she then asked, fiddling with her fingers.

After all, people dressed like him are generally illustrious characters such as company presidents. Her lips curved into an approving smile at that thought. In that sense, he makes a good match for me.

“You’re asking too many questions,” Larry growled before turning away with awkwardness written on his face.

“And the matter is extremely troublesome, yes? Larry, you’re not a local, so you’ll naturally need help to deal with a matter here. Am I not right?” the woman pressed.

She was indeed right, and her words were also aimed specifically at him, yet Larry still didn’t feel like working with her.

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