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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2459

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2459

“What are you doing? Let go of me!” In the car, Joan struggled relentlessly.

“If you don’t want to die a ghastly death, you had better shut it!” Keith abruptly snapped.

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still doing something so childish? At that,

thing you want to say, just cut to the

games and beatin

y, Ms. Watts?” Keith drawled as he puffed a

l! Joan stared at him with

ne that’s so unforgivable to t

proaching a member of the Owens family itself is an unforgiv

w the bag beside

er. Never had I expected him to have people tailing

f this?” Joan quer

n? It’s proof that she’s be

istance from Caiden. However, you just wouldn’t list

Joan Watts, have never pestered your son, Caiden Owens. Ab

, this old man before me m

ou? And why did he spend the night at your place? D

rageous things in this world. Why must he keep har

t’s all there is to it, so don’t read too much into things. As for h

ation was entirel

‘s line of sight. Caiden warned me against harming a hair o

lming herself down. What a ridiculous joke! Why is he pushing all the blame o

my son time and again? You know full well that a relationship between the two of you is im

d Joan feeling exc

Caiden and I are merely friends. There’s nothing more to our relationship. Secondly, it has always been your son p

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