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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2458

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2458

“Dad, you’re back.” Out of a sudden, Lucius greeted from behind with sleepy eyes.

Caiden was startled but immediately resumed to normal expression.

“I’m not your Dad. I am Caiden!”

Meanwhile, on the other side, Keith commanded angrily into the phone. “Ask Caiden to answer the phone.”

Jaden was recoiling in fear. “Mr. Owens, Caiden is still in bed. I will ask him to call you back when he wakes up.”

Keith remained silent for a few moments. I bet he’s not in bed, because he’s not at home at all!

“Jaden, be frank with me. Caiden did not come home last night, did he?” Keith’s sharp judgment drained the color from Jaden’s face.

“Mr. Owens, he’s back. Don’t worry. He’s still sleeping now.” Jaden failed to come out of another answer.

This son of the b*tch is still lying! Keith clenched his fists tightly while trying to suppress his rage.

“Fine, I will go over now to wake him up!” Upon saying that, Keith was about to hang up.

“Wait, Mr. Owens. Actually, Caiden is not back.” Jaden had no choice but to confess the truth.

If he waited for Keith to come over and discover the truth, he feared that not only Caiden but he himself would also be a victim of Keith’s fire of fury.

Upon hearing that, Keith abruptly hung up the phone without saying anything.

Caiden! When will you wake up from your stupidity? Are you going to be manipulated by that b*tch your whole life?

Keith angrily grabbed his coat and left the villa.

Back in Delilah’s house, the four of them had finished a pleasant breakfast and were getting ready for their separate ways. Caiden headed to his office, whereas Lucius went to the school. While Delilah went into the garden like usual, Joan was left alone in the living room with her embroidery.

It was a new hobby that she picked up lately, supposedly to distract herself from the recent chaos.

“Ouch…” Just then, she accidentally poked her finger with the needle, and flesh blood streamed down instantly. At that moment, she suddenly had a strange feeling that something bad was about to happen.

It doesn’t feel right. She stared anxiously at the embroidery and her bleeding finger. She had never been so careless before.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Out of a sudden, someone was knocking on the door fiercely.

Who is it? It couldn’t be Larry or Caiden. Neither could it be Ms. Young nor Lucius. Could it be Caspian? This knocking pattern does sound like Caspian.

Joan rose and stepped to the door, but she opened to a shocking scene that made her froze on the spot.

“Who are you guys…” She choked on her words discovering a couple of strangers standing at the door.

“Good morning, Ms. Watts. Mr. Owens would like to talk to you. This way, please,” One of them greeted.

“It’s me!” A familiar face poked out from the car parked not far away.

It’s Caiden’s father. Why is he here? She immediately put herself on guard while trying to guess the old man’s intention for the unexpected visit.

A successful man like Caiden’s father should be busy with way more important stuff. What makes him interested in talking to an ordinary woman like me?

“Good morning. How may I help you?” Joan walked over to the car cautiously.

“Get in the car.” Keith’s tone was relatively indifferent.

“We can talk here. I still have some errands to do.” Joan soon detected his motive was anything but reassuring.

Who does he think he is to command me like that? This is hilarious. Is he seriously expecting me to get into his car submissively?

“I will repeat once again. Get in the car now. Please don’t challenge my patience,” Keith said rigidly.

Now, who is challenging whose patience? I have finally starting to forget about the last incident, yet he comes now to start another. I have enough with his tricks!

“If there is nothing important, then I’ll go first.” She started to walk back into the house.

At that instant, Keith, sitting in the car, signaled a gesture towards his bodyguards. Before Joan could react, she was captured by them and forcefully pushed into the car.

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