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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2451

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2451

“Are you mute? Explain yourself! Why do you want to be with Larry? Why do you want to snatch him away from me?” Gabriella started to sob as she spoke.

There’s no special reason. It’s just because of love. Besides, Larry and I have a consensual relationship. I didn’t force him to be with me.

With Gabriella’s temperament, Joan did not see the point in talking any further. Hence, she decided not to continue the conversation and leave her alone. “Gabriella, you should have a rest. I’ll be going now.” After saying this, Joan turned to leave.

Women are the most terrifying creatures in the world; they allow emotion to overrule logic.

As she saw her leaving, Gabriella shot out of her bed and held onto Joan’s arm with a death grip, not allowing her to go. “Joan, don’t go! Stop right there! You still owe me an explanation!”

Why did she become like this after getting knocked on the head? Joan thought to herself as she stared at her curiously, sighing.

Left with no choice, she told her straightforwardly, “Gabriella, what exactly do you want? I’ve explained everything to you. Larry and I are truly in love with each other. And you’re just a friend to him.”

How many times do I have to say this before she can finally understand? Love can’t be forced. Everything is now set in stone. What is the point of dwelling over something that couldn’t be undone? Can’t she just live a peaceful life with everybody?

With crocodile tears falling down her cheeks, Gabriella screamed, “Joan, I’ve always treated you like a sister. Why are you doing this to me?”

What a joke! Is she not afraid that karma would come after her when she said that? Treat me like a sister, huh? She tried to kill me and harm me countless times. Is that the correct way to treat a sister? How ridiculous.

“Okay, I understand. I still have other things to attend to, so I need to get going. Have a good rest here. Your maids will come here to take care of you soon.” Turning her back to her, Joan rolled her eyes in disdain and walked to the door.

This b*tch! Gabriella clenched her fists tightly as her gaze turned cold.

“Joan!” she screamed, taking a vase from the cardiac table and threw it at the back of Joan’s head.

The moment it struck her, the vase broke into pieces, and she collapsed to the ground.

This is my revenge! Gabriella glowered at the woman lying on the floor, eyes full of hatred.

“Ouch…” Sprawled on the floor, Joan clutched her head and wailed in pain.

Seeing her reaction, Gabriella curled her lips and roared, “How was it? Does it hurt? When Ms. Young hit me in the head, it was also painful for me!”

An eye for an eye! She’s ruthless! Joan staggered to her feet and dusted off her clothes. Feeling dizzy, she rubbed her temples in an attempt to clear her mind. However, she suddenly felt warm liquid trickling down the back of her head.

Am I bleeding? Worried, she touched the sore area where the vase hit and inevitably saw blood.

Just then, a nurse came in and immediately helped her up. “Miss, are you alright? Come, let me bandage your wound.”

The nurse then brought her to the treatment room and dressed her wound. “What happened? Your head is bleeding. Luckily, this is a hospital. Otherwise, you might develop complications if the wound is not taken care of promptly.”

“Thanks,” Joan said in a soft voice.

Facing the nurse, she did not know what to say except “thank you.” Do I really need to tell her that Gabriella hit her with a vase? Huh, whatever. I’ll just let her be.

After a few minutes, the nurse cleared her equipment and smiled. “Alright, you’re done. Be careful, don’t hurt your head again. Don’t worry about it. You’ll be fine after a few days.”

“Nurse, when can I take this off?” Joan asked, pointing at the bandage on her head.

“Haha. You definitely can’t remove it now. Hmm, it needs to stay there for about a week. For the time being, don’t do any vigorous exercise and rest well.” The nurse gave her a smile and walked away.

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