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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2450

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2450

“Gabriella, do you remember how you lost your baby? That day, just like in this very second, you took a knife and stabbed it right into your stomach. Later, you used your miscarriage to frame me when in fact, it was you who killed your own child!” Joan yelled.

What a cruel woman. She could even sacrifice an unborn child for her own benefit.

After a few seconds, it eventually sank in, and Gabriella’s hands started to shake uncontrollably. Her memories of that day came back to her like a flood, overwhelming her. Yes, I was the one who ended my baby’s life. It was me.

“My baby!” Defeated, she staggered and slumped onto the floor as tears began to well up in her eyes.

Phew, she finally regrets her inhumane doing. Taking a deep breath, Joan tried to calm herself down.

“My baby is gone. It’s all my fault. My baby,” Gabriella bellowed in agony.

After a while, she sprang up to her feet all of a sudden and glared furiously at Joan, who was standing not far away from her, roaring, “No! It’s because of Joan! It’s her fault!”

Sensing the danger, Joan immediately kept her guard up and mentally prepared herself for an attack from Gabriella, who had gone insane.

“Joan! You pathetic b*tch! My baby wouldn’t die if it weren’t for you. This is all your fault!” The next second, Gabriella charged towards her with the knife in her hand.

When the blade was about to sink into Joan’s body, her body suddenly went limp and fell to the ground. Thud!

Standing behind her, Delilah was holding a flowerpot in her trembling hands. When she saw Gabriella lying on the floor motionlessly, her eyes were filled with terror instantly, and she started to hyperventilate.

“Ms. Young?” Joan called gently, trying to snap her out of her trance.

Upon hearing her, Delilah jolted and looked at Joan helplessly. “Huh? I… S-She isn’t dead, is she?”

Joan rubbed Delilah’s back soothingly for a moment before squatting down to check Gabriella’s breath under her nose. Fortunately, she was still breathing.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Young. She’s okay,” Joan said reassuringly.

Just then, Lucius came out of his room and ran towards them. “Mom! What happened? Why is she on the floor?”

“Come here, Lucius. Go back to your room and let mommy settle this first, alright?” Smiling at him, Joan held his hand and brought him into the room again. Then, she immediately fished out her phone to dial the emergency number.

An hour later, Gabriella lay on the hospital bed with her eyes closed. The nurse had put her on an intravenous drip, and she was looking rather frail. Joan sat on the couch at the side with her eyes pinned on her, afraid that she would miss the slightest twitch.

Thank God she’s not heavily injured. Otherwise, Ms. Young would have to go to jail. Joan heaved a sigh of relief, feeling exhausted.

A moment later, a doctor came into the room. She walked over to him hurriedly and asked, “Doctor, how’s her condition?”

“Nothing too serious. Luckily, it was not the temples. If not, she would be in great danger.” Then, he continued, “Don’t worry. She can be discharged after a few days. Just don’t her do anything reckless again and keep her safe. Her amnesia from her previous head injury hasn’t completely recovered yet. Therefore, if she suffers from a traumatic brain injury again, there’s a chance she might not be able to regain her lost memories permanently.”

With that, the doctor turned and left.

Well, I do hope that this woman would never be able to remember anything from the past. How good it is if she no longer throws tantrums and makes everyone’s life difficult.

After a long while, Gabriella stirred in her sleep and mumbled, “Larry…”

Who? Larry? Curious, Joan stepped closer to the bed and listened in.

Even now, she’s still thinking about Larry. Tsk tsk! What a foolish woman. Joan shook her head wryly.

“Larry!” Gabriella suddenly woke up and sat bolt upright, terrified by her dream.

“Gabriella, are you okay? Do you want some water?” Joan queried tentatively, afraid that she might take Gabriella by surprise.

“Joan? Why are you here? B*tch, you’ve taken Larry away from me, and now you even want to harm me in the hospital?” Gabriella hollered.

Am I really that evil? She looks at me as if I’m a witch. Joan shot her a dirty look and said nothing.

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