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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2448

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2448

“Ms. Ward, it’s too late tonight. You’d better come back tomorrow!” Delilah said, purposely avoiding her question.

“I asked you where’s Joan. Are you deaf? Answer my question!” Gabriella shouted in reply.

As soon as she said that, Delilah got annoyed. Although she was treating Gabriella very politely, that woman had started to scream and shout as soon as she arrived.

“Are you done, Gabriella? This is my house. Please get out. Now!” Delilah shouted back.

Shocked by the expected scolding, Gabriella unconsciously stepped backward.

How dare she raise her voice at me! Then, pretending to be calm, she slowly walked toward Delilah.

“Ms. Young, you’d better hand Joan over to me tonight. Otherwise, I won’t leave,” she said as she headed over to sit on the sofa, acting as if she had every right to.

She’s crazy! I can’t believe she dares to do this. Delilah rubbed her hands together in nervousness as she replied, “Joan isn’t here. You should go.” As if.

Gabriella then looked at Delilah and sneered. This old woman’s actually trying to lie to me? How laughable.

“Tell me then. Where is she?” Gabriella asked deliberately.

“I don’t know either. Anyway, she’s not here. She probably went abroad with Larry.”

Hearing her answer, Gabriella clenched her fists as she stared at Delilah with a bitter gaze.

“Don’t lie to me, Ms. Young. She must be here! Larry went abroad to handle company matters. Why on earth would she go there?” said Gabriella cockily.

However, as she studied her surroundings, Gabriella did not find anything amiss. Resultantly, she was somewhat upset.

She had originally planned to go over, take Joan away, then deal with her. However, it seemed as though Joan had long run away.

“Anything else? I need to rest. Please leave,” said Delilah hurriedly.

She did not want to waste her time talking to Gabriella any longer.

“Look, it’s already so late, so it won’t be safe for me to go back alone. Why don’t I stay here for tonight and go back tomorrow?”

However, Delilah did not care about whatever she was saying and directly dragged her outside.

“Leave, now! We don’t welcome you here!” she shouted as she grabbed Gabriella’s elbow, pulling her toward the door.

“What are you trying to do!” shouted Gabriella.

The two women pulled back and forth in this manner, their respective auras fierce as they continued to argue.

“I’m only here for Joan. Don’t take it too far!” Gabriella shouted.

“Exactly who’s the one taking things too far? This is my house. Whatever I say, counts!”

Back in the room, Lucius had been listening to whatever was happening outside. He looked at Joan in shock and fear.

“Be good, Lucius. Listen to me. Just stay in the room, okay? Don’t go out until I come back for you,” said Joan gently as she patted him on the shoulder.

“Okay, Mom. I will,” he replied, nodding firmly in resolution.

What a good boy. Then, she sighed and stood up slowly, tidying her clothes before she left the room.

Bam! As soon as the room door slammed shut, the living room was instantly silent.

Looking at Joan, who had appeared out of nowhere, a wicked smile appeared on Gabriella’s face.

“You’re finally out. I’d thought you were really like that b*stard who only knows how to hide forever,” she said, her expression full of disdain.

“Why are you looking for me?” Joan asked straightforwardly.

Delilah walked over to Joan and asked dissatisfiedly, “Why did you come out?”

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