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Never Late Never Away

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2441

Never Late, Never Away Chapter 2441

Time flew, and Larry had left the country for a week. Although Joan felt a little lonely, she hesitated to give him a call for fear of bothering him.

“Joan, what’s up? Do you miss Larry? Just give him a call if that’s the case,” Jessica said worriedly.

“How can I? He’s busy enough with work, I can’t bother him,” Joan replied.

“Come on, Joan. You should know that to Larry, you’re more important than anything else in the world,” Jessica comforted her.

Joan couldn’t help but feel a little shy upon hearing that.

“To be frank, I really admire the relationship you share with Larry. I mean, you two are still lovey-dovey even after so many years,” Jessica murmured.

No matter what happened between Larry and Joan in the past, they were always able to push through all challenges and still love each other as before. Getting a divorce was the most serious incident in the course of their marriage. Nonetheless, they eventually got back together and still love one another.

“There’s nothing to admire about because you and Caspian will live together happily as well,” Joan added.

Even though Caspian wasn’t a romantic man, he was definitely a caring man. Just that trait alone would have gotten him the approval of many women.

In fact, there were a lot of mature women who had taken the initiative to court Caspian in the past. However, none of them had managed to capture his heart until Jessica came along.

“Joan, can you tell me what kind of a man Caspian was in the past? I mean, he’s never told me anything about his past,” Jessica asked impatiently while sitting down next to Joan and grabbing her arm tightly.


Joan was hesitant to share it with Jessica because a part of Caspian’s past was related to Nancy.

No, I should let Caspian tell his own story to her.

“You should ask him directly if you want to know. I don’t know too much about him, after all.” Joan shrugged.

“Come on, Joan. Please tell me about it. Since I like you so much, just share it with me.” Tugging on Joan’s sleeves, Jessica gazed at the former with the most innocent-looking face she could muster.

I almost can’t resist it when she acts cute like this! A moment later, Joan flashed Jessica a smile and gently shook her head in response.

“What’s with you? Can’t you be more polite toward Joan?” said Caspian loudly as he suddenly came up to them.

Urgh… He’s yelling at me again! The next moment, Jessica sprang up and walked over to him.

“How dare you talk to me like that?” She glared at him.

“Please spare me from embarrassment in front of Joan. Once she’s gone, you can punish me however you want, okay?” Caspian nudged her gently and pled.

Fine! All men wish to preserve their dignity. Jessica relaxed and stop acting coldly.

“Alright, I’ve got to get going now. There’s a lot of work at home that I have to do.” Joan gave them an excuse to leave.

She didn’t want to stay here any longer to be their third wheel. Besides, she knew that Caspian and Jessica were always acting lovey-dovey to each other whenever there was no one around. As such, she didn’t want to bother them too much.

“Joan, wait for me! Let me drive you home!” As he spoke, Caspian started toward her.

Feeling displeased, Jessica caught his necktie, forcing him to stop.

“What are you doing? Let go of me. I have to drive Joan home,” Caspian said immediately.

“There’s no need for you to drive Joan home,” she huffed.

“Come now, stop messing around. I promised Larry to protect her.”

“It’s fine. You guys just carry on. I’ll go home on my own. Don’t worry about me!” Standing some distance away, Joan raised her voice so that she could be heard. Jessica chuckled delightedly upon hearing that.

“See, Joan doesn’t need you to drive her home,” Jessica said playfully.

“You naughty woman!” Caspian pinched her face gently before planting a kiss on it.

“Is everything fine?” Joan asked in a lowered voice in her room.

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