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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1639

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1639

“You…” Kallum’s face turned red in anger.

Just when Chris was about to flare his temper after seeing the figure on the report, he suddenly received a message from Jesse on his phone.

Jesse: Stay calm, and go along with the procedure. I have a plan to make Charlotte return everything that she took.

After reading the message, Chris’ concerns were eased.

Throwing the report toward Charlotte, he feigned generosity and declared, “Since I have personally signed it, I will then honor my word and give you what you deserve. After taking the money, please leave at once.”

“Mr. Nacht,” Johann interrupted. “I’m afraid the company can’t afford to take out such a huge sum of cash.”

“What? Why—”

Chris held his tongue right when he was about to ask a question.

He quickly recalled that most of the company’s cash was tied up in sustaining its liquidity and investments. Therefore, withdrawing such a huge sum on such short notice would sever the company’s cash flow cycle.

“Based on the agreement, the funds need to be paid on time,” Charlotte asserted coldly. “If I’m not paid in cash in three days’ time, I will take its value in the stock. Or else, I’ll see you in court!”

“You…” Chris seethed. As an impostor, he obviously didn’t dare go to court.

If Charlotte were to initiate a lawsuit and get the police and courts involved, it would spell trouble for him.

“Given the current situation, she will have to be paid in stock,” Spencer concluded. “Can you please calculate how much of the company’s shares she will receive?”

The accountant started tabulating again.

Despite the disgruntled voices from the board, no one dared to go against Spencer and Johann as they protected Charlotte.

“Mr. Nacht, if the company’s cash flow is disrupted, both Divine Corporation and even Nacht Group would fail to function. As a result, we will have to pay Ms. Lindberg in stock unless you can reimburse her with cash from your personal accounts,” Johann made his stance clear.

“There’s no way I can afford that amount from my account,” Chris rejected the idea right away. “Fine, we’ll pay her in stock instead. How much will it be?”

Arriving at an answer, the accountant concluded, “Mr. Nacht, based on my calculations, you will have to hand over twenty percent of your stake in Nacht Group to Ms. Lindberg.”

“What?” Chris’ face lost all color. “I have a forty percent stake in Nacht Group. If I hand twenty over to her, wouldn’t that make her equal to me?”

“You should be counting your blessings instead, as it could’ve been worse.” Charlotte stared icily at him.

“There’s one other thing.” Rodney brought out a will and declared, “This is Old Mr. Nacht’s will.”

“Old Mr. Nacht’s will?”

When they heard Rodney, the entire board crowded over excitedly.

“In it, he has declared that all his assets will be left to the three children upon his death. If anything were to happen to the children, the assets would then be transferred to GJ Foundation. No one will get a single penny, including their parents or relatives. Before they are of legal age, Mr. Nacht will take custody of the assets. By the time they reach twenty years of age, they will require both Mr. Nacht and Mr. Spencer’s consent before the assets can be transferred to their name. However, until that happens, no one, including Mr. Nacht and Mr. Spencer, is allowed to touch the assets.”

After a brief pause, Rodney handed a copy of the will to Johann.

Having gone through it, Johann handed it to Chris. “Do you want to have a look?”

“What’s the meaning of this?” Chris took a while to regain his senses. “He left everything to the three children and nothing for me?”

When he said that, Chris meant himself and not Zachary.

He found it incredulous that his grandpa didn’t leave anything to him at all.

“Even if the children are not Nachts or mine, do the assets still go to them?” Chris pressed on, not wanting to give in.

“Yes.” Rodney nodded with conviction.

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