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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1595

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1595

To prevent anything bad from happening, Peter rushed back to monitor the situation.

Meanwhile, Charlotte waited in the private room, hoping that the fluke would succeed.

Although it was late, it was extremely lively in Sultry Night.

Charlotte counted down, waiting for Peter’s message.

Finally, at four in the morning, he sent a message: Okay!

Charlotte immediately returned to the original room. Peter, who was waiting at the window, signaled upon spotting her.

The girl climbed out of the room. With her hand on her waist, she complained, “He’s too strong… We did it five times! He’s so exhausted that he’s fast asleep now.”

“Shh… Go now!” urged Peter softly.

The girl snuck away hurriedly.

Charlotte flipped into the room through the window and gestured for Peter to leave quickly.

Although he was still worried, he did not want to hinder her plans. Hence, he closed the windows and left.

The private room was pitch-dark, while it was still very lively outside.

Chris was lying on the sofa on his side and snoring softly. He was obviously in a deep sleep.

His clothes were strewn all across the floor, and there was a pile of rubbish at the side. A strange smell filled the room, revealing how passionate the night had been.

The two bodyguards had been standing guard at the door for the entire night. Yawning tiredly, they complained, “It’s already quiet inside. They should be done already, right? Why don’t we take turns to sleep?”

Charlotte pulled open her collars and messed up her hair. After preparing herself, she pretended to barge out of the private room agitatedly.

“Um…” The two bodyguards were shocked. Briefly stunned, they quickly stopped her. “Mr. Nacht isn’t awake yet, so you can’t leave.”

“Get lost!” Charlotte tried to shove them away furiously.

“I’m sorry.” The bodyguards still blocked Charlotte’s way, refusing to let her leave.

While Charlotte was struggling against them, Chris was woken up in the room. In a daze, he could hear a commotion happening outside and tried to wake himself up.

At that moment, Lupine and Jade had just arrived. When they saw the two bodyguards blocking Charlotte’s way, they were furious. Rushing over, they started fighting with the bodyguards.

Charlotte was stunned. Why are there here?

“Are you all right, Ms. Lindberg?”

When Lupine and Jade noticed Charlotte’s disheveled clothes and messy hair, they were shocked.

“I…” Charlotte was about to speak when someone yelled from within the room, “Stop!”

The two bodyguards immediately froze. Taking the opportunity, Jade and Emma punched them again, sending them toppling onto the ground.

“How embarrassing!”

Chris did not hit Jade or Emma. Instead, he scolded his bodyguards, thinking that it was too embarrassing for them to be defeated by women.

The bodyguards scrambled to their feet. Although they felt indignant, they did not dare to say a word.

“Ms. Lindberg…”

Lupine saw that Chris was shirtless and only had a pair of pants on. When she noticed the mess in the room, her expression changed drastically, and a sense of foreboding rose within her.

“Why did you wake up so early, Baby?”

As Chris reminisced the passionate night earlier, his gaze turned lustful again. He stretched his hand out to caress Charlotte’s face.

She dodged him in disgust while shooting him a resentful glare.

“Don’t look at me like that!” Chris gazed at her gently. “Things are irreversible now. Just accept your fate!”

“What did you say?” Lupine widened her eyes in surprise as she stared at Chris in disbelief. “You…”

“You jerk!”

A furious yell sounded. Before anyone could react, Bruce charged over and punched Chris forcefully.

The latter staggered backward as blood started to drip from his nose.

“Mr. Nacht…” The other bodyguards quickly pulled Bruce back. “What are you doing, Bruce? Are you crazy? How dare you hit Mr. Nacht?”

“You b*stard! Take him down for me!” bellowed Chris through clenched jaws.

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