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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1593

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1593

“That’s enough.” Charlotte could not be bothered to continue arguing with him. She snapped in disgust, “Anyway, if anything happens to my sons, I’ll not let you off the hook.”

“You don’t have to threaten me. I’m not scared.” Chris smirked coldly. “I know that you’ve got Danrique supporting you, but that doesn’t scare me at all. I’m different from Zachary. He’s an ambitious man, but I only wish for enjoyment in life. I only want what I desire, including you!”

He pressed his palm against the back of Charlotte’s head and pushed her closer to him.

“Charlotte, I know what you’re thinking. You’re trying to convince me to save your sons, but no matter what you say, it’s useless. It’s better if you do something more practical. As long as you become my woman, your worries will be mine. I’ll definitely help you save your sons…”

With that, he released her and smirked. “I won’t force you. You can choose yourself.”

As he sipped on the wine elegantly, he added, “If you still haven’t agreed before I finish this bottle of wine, then let’s forget it.”

Charlotte frowned, feeling extremely conflicted.

Naturally, she wanted to save her sons. She was willing to sacrifice her life for their sake.

However, she could not bring herself to sleep with another man.

“If you aren’t brave enough, just drink more. You’ll be able to let loose once you’re tipsy,” persuaded Chris.

Steeling herself, Charlotte drank the entire glass of wine in a single gulp.

“That’s right.” Chris poured another glass of wine for her. “Go on. I know that you’ve been stressed lately, so you can relax with some wine…”

After drinking a few more glasses, she was starting to feel drunk.

Looking at her flushed cheeks and dazed gaze, Chris could not help but feel aroused.

He moved closer to her, wishing to kiss her. However, Charlotte suddenly retched and almost puked on him.

Chris dodged instinctively, not noticing that Charlotte had just slipped a white pill into his cup.

The pill dissolved upon touching the wine, soon disappearing from sight.

Covering her hand over her mouth, Charlotte dashed to the toilet and started vomiting.

As Chris stared at her back, he smirked mockingly. He lifted his glass and drank the wine in a single gulp.

Probably because he was going to get his hands on his prey soon, the wine was extremely delicious. When he placed the glass down, he gestured to the bodyguards at the door.

The two bodyguards quickly left and closed the door behind them.

Charlotte quickly swallowed the pill from Hayley. After splashing her face with cold water, she called Peter.

On her way there, she had already guessed Chris’ intentions. Hence, she called Peter.

Luckily, he was still working as the manager at Sultry Night. He was on his night shift that day, so he could help her out.

“How’s it going, Ms. Lindberg?”

Afraid that others outside would overhear her, Charlotte kept quiet and cleared her throat instead. Peter immediately understood.

“Got it. I’ll make the arrangements right away.”

After hanging up, Charlotte cleared her call records before staggering out in a daze.

“Are you all right?” Chris rushed over to her thoughtfully and passed her a bottle of water. “Drink some water and take a breather.”

“Thank you…”

Charlotte drank some water before slumping against the sofa weakly.

Chris snuck a glance at her slightly open collar. Seeing how beautiful and alluring she was, he could not help but inch closer and stroke her face gently.

He coaxed her, “Zachary’s doomed. Even if you manage to find him, he’ll definitely be dead. It’s better if you snap back to reality and be together with me. Don’t worry. I don’t want any kids, so I’ll treat your kids like mine. As long as you stay with me, I’ll treat you well. We’ll be happy in the future…”

As he spoke, he tried to kiss Charlotte.

She did not push him away. Instead, she pressed her hand against his lips and whispered, “Turn off the lights.”

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