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Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1592

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort chapter 1592

Those thoughts prevented Charlotte from taking another step away. She was extremely resistant to betraying Zachary and being together with another man.

“I know that you can’t let go of the past, but it’s fine. There’s no need to rush…” Chris strode over, sat Charlotte on the sofa, and poured a glass of wine for her. “Have some wine and calm yourself down.”

Charlotte took the glass but did not drink anything. Instead, she raised her head and asked, “Have you asked Jesse why there are toxins in your body?”

“Stop pretending.” Chris chuckled in disdain. “That’s just a plan devised by you and those two old men. I’ve undergone a blood check at two hospitals, but the results revealed nothing extraordinary.”

“Now that even the Nacht family is under Jesse’s control, do you think that it’s difficult to control a few hospitals?” rebuked Charlotte mockingly. “Chris, you did not inherit your mother’s intelligence after all. With such a simple mind, it’s no wonder that you’re treated as a pawn.”

When Chris heard that, he frowned. A tinge of unease flashed across his eyes.

This poisoning incident was quite suspicious. When he was undergoing a test at Divine Corporation, Charlotte did not have any chance to interact with Johann and Spencer alone. It was impossible for them to meddle with the test report and the blood sample.

If they wanted to do something, they could have just tampered with the DNA.

That would secure Charlotte’s position.

Hence, after the incident, Chris asked Jesse about the poisoning. However, Jesse insisted righteously that he did not poison Chris. In fact, he claimed that it was part of a plan devised by Charlotte and the two old men.

To confirm the results, Chris went for a check-up that day with Jesse accompanying him. In the end, the report revealed that he was not poisoned at all. Still worried, he secretly went to do another test. Even then, there seemed to be no problem with him.

That was what made him feel relieved.

Yet, after hearing what Charlotte said, Chris started to feel uneasy again.

“Can’t you tell whether or not you’re poisoned?” asked Charlotte. “Have you been feeling uncomfortable recently? You probably have a reaction, right?”

Chris thought about it carefully.

I guess that it’s true that I’m feeling… slightly uncomfortable. I’ve been having headaches, and sometimes my heart would ache. In fact, there were times when my entire body would be in pain. I never had these problems in the past. Wait a moment…

Chris quickly regained his composure and returned to the main point. “No, this isn’t the time to talk about that. I’ll confirm whether or not I’m poisoned on my own. Do you want to save your children?”

“Without a doubt. I can give you anything you want…” Charlotte threw the question back to him. “But how would I know that you won’t go back on your word?”

“Are you in a position to negotiate with me right now?” Chris glanced at his watch. “The deadline the kidnappers gave you is tomorrow noon, right? If you still haven’t finished the paperwork for the divorce, they’ll chop off your sons’ fingers!”

“How dare you?” Charlotte became agitated immediately. She gripped Chris’ collars tightly and threatened, “If you dare to touch my sons, I’ll kill you!”

“Let’s be clear with this. I’m not the one harming your sons—it’s that person!” Chris pulled her hands away calmly. “I’ve always been against the idea of kidnapping kids. However, there are some things that I cannot control.”

“You have a part to play in everything bad that has happened. Don’t try to disassociate yourself from it.” Charlotte glared at him resentfully. “You’ll face retribution for the evils you’ve done, Chris…”

“I’ve never believed in karma.” Chris laughed mockingly. “If there is, Henry wouldn’t have lived to ninety-eight years old, nor would Zachary have risen to his current position. Do you think that they’re innocent? Without blood being shed and people’s lives being sacrificed, do you think they could’ve enjoyed their current glory?”

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